5 Simple Ways Online Learning Can Help Special Needs Students

When we think about online education, the first thing that strikes us is convenience and the opportunity to take classes at flexible hours. However, what we often dismiss or neglect to notice is that one group of learners for whom online education has completely transformed the way they learn and grow. These are students with special needs.

Online education has been a game-changing development for such students in terms of providing great educational opportunities. This is mainly because online education offers students an opportunity to progress at their own pace with the assistive technology that they may be embarrassed or unable to use in public.

Online learning for special needs students

Here are a few more benefits of this underutilised education option for students with special needs:


For those students who may need to attend therapy sessions or have to visit the doctor quite frequently, online education comes across as a real lifesaver. The flexible atmosphere of this type of learning allows students to avoid missing out on classes and lectures. Moreover, students who find it difficult to find a balance with the system followed in traditional schools can also choose online education as it will give them the freedom to create their learning path.

Zero travelling

Since online education takes place from home or anywhere in the world, it gives health compromised individuals a chance to learn from a safe space. It also gives students who may have been hospitalised for a long period, an opportunity to complete their work as long as they have access to the internet.

Tailored topics

Students with special needs often find it difficult to keep pace with their peers in a traditional classroom. This does not necessarily mean that they are weak or not academically advanced. It simply means that they follow their own pace and may need more time and space than a typical classroom setting allows.

Moreover, online education also gives students a chance to curate their lessons and give more time to subjects they find challenging. All this can be achieved with the help of different types of online learning options available, such as Hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous online courses

Set goals

For students with special needs, it can be quite frustrating to feel as though they are not progressing at the same speed as their peers. This gets worse when students are not able to approach their educators for one-on-one coaching or ask for extra help without feeling embarrassed.

But with the help of online education that is supported by advanced technology, students can reach out to their teachers without standing out in front of a group. Besides, with study material available online as video, students can watch it as many times as they want.

Social skills

While many people may not think of social skills being an added benefit of online learning, it does have a significant impact. For example, students are encouraged to communicate through group chats, video conferences and message boards. This allows them to build confidence without causing any anxiety that in-person communication can bring.

Online learning: challenges and solutions

Along with a number of benefits that comes with online learning, there are a few challenges as well. This is why, before switching to this type of learning, students and parents should do their research and pick the one they think will help them in the long run.

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