5 Tips to Follow A Day Before the CA Foundation Exam

CA Foundation is the very first step to a career as a Chartered Accountant. Garnering high scores in this exam sets the path for the future. And even while you’re well-prepared for it, it’s natural to get anxious a day before the exam. So, how and what do you revise with merely 24 hours left before your exam? Here are some CA Foundation preparation tips to follow with only a day left for the test.

Focus on revision

CA Foundation tips – Focus on revisionRevision helps solidify whatever you’ve learnt and retain it for a longer period of time. Revisiting the material reinforces memory pathways, making it easier to recall information. Remember, you only have 24 hours, and during this time, your goal must be to revise and revise. For this, stick to your own notes and do not read anything new.

Be aware of the syllabus

Be in complete sync with the syllabus and be aware of the topics covered. List down questions and review these with the help of your own notes.

Keep the basics handy

CA Foundation has many practical questions. So, ensure you have the basic formulae and formats handy to run through them a day prior to your exam.

A repository of MCQs

You know that MCQs are a crucial part of CA Foundation. Therefore, keep a repository of solved MCQs ready so that you can revise through this with only 24 hours left before the test.

MTPs and RTPs

Look through the MTPs and RTPs of at least the past two years. Jot down important questions from these that are most likely to be repeated.

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These are some basic CA Foundation tips and tricks to follow, but below, we mention some subject-wise pointers as well.

Principles and Practice of Accounting – Be thorough with each and every concept, go through base formats and examples of journal entries and important sums to understand them.

Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting – Revise from your own short notes, clause/section number and penalties and glance through your grammar rules. Also, look through the base formats to enhance your writing.

Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics – Revise the list of formulae several times and look through the cache of MCQs prepared by you.

Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge – Glance through your own short notes, go through your list of statistics, diagrams and their analysis, and of course, look through the cache of MCQs.

While it is crucial to create a study timetable for CA Foundation students, avoid crafting a new one a day before the exam. It will serve no purpose and instead only confuse you, making you nervous.

The bottom line is that you must not try anything new with only a day left. Also, when it comes to test papers and mock tests, TG Campus has test papers with solutions. Also, it has a solid mock test series for CA Foundation that covers the entire syllabus comprehensively. So, you can opt for TG Campus to access these tests during your preparation.

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