JEE Main Maths Prep Tips

Mathematics, the most scoring of all the three subjects that include Physics and Chemistry, may not be the toughest but is nonetheless a difficult one to crack. However, with loads of practice and preparation, you can certainly score full marks in it. That the marks acquired in Maths are a tie-breaker is a well-known fact. Enrolling in online classes for Maths does help in your preparation as you get proper guidance. But there are some ways that you can ensure to score high marks or even full marks in the subject. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that…

Begin early

This is the basic rule of preparing for JEE if you wish to get a high rank. Allocate enough time as per each topic. Break down the topics according to their difficulty level and allot more time to topics that are the toughest. For example, you can allocate more time to complex formulas and theorems than other topics that are moderate and easy. This way, you will have more time to practice the difficult topics making you well-prepared in them too. Tabulating the Maths syllabus before starting your preparation for the JEE Mains will help in filtering the topics according to their difficulty level.

Prepare a schedule

Drawing up a proper schedule, i.e., a timetable is a must before starting your studies for the JEE Mains. Chalk out a schedule wherein you divide your study time into short sections instead of long ones. If you study for a longer time, it can get tiresome, and eventually, you will be swept by boredom. Now once, boredom sets in, your brain will be unable to register anything. Also, taking a break while studying is highly recommended, as this cools down your brain, re-energizing it. Focus on working smart, not hard.

Work on Calculus and Algebra

These are the two main topics that are most important in Maths. Therefore, we suggest you lay emphasis on these and be very thorough in them. Only daily practice will ensure that you are well-prepared for these. Along with practice, resolve all our doubts related to them. You can enroll in online classes for Maths, where the tutors will help you solve any doubts. But these are two topics that should be taken very seriously while preparing for the exam.

Lay stress on formulas

Knowing and understanding all formulas is very important in Maths, as these help you score in the subject. Thus, focus on studying formulas in geometry, trigonometry, and probability. Also, studying the important formulas in calculus is sure to help you greatly. Remember, the correct formula used to solve a question cuts down on your time to attempt it, thus making it quicker for you. Therefore, make a list or table of all the important formulas and revise them daily.

Applications are important too

Another important and critical aspect of Maths is ‘applications’. It is a must to know them and revise them daily to be well-prepared. Applications of differential equations, geometry, properties of definite integrals and conics, results of algebraic calculations, etc., are all important and crucial to the JEE Mains. Thus, being thorough in them will help you a great deal in scoring good marks.

Know the theories and equations

Since each chapter in Maths has several theories and equations, it is best to make a list of these. This way, it will be easy for you to find them among so many saving you crucial time. Use different notebooks if you wish to list them down according to each chapter and topic. This will make it easier to look for them when you need to. Theories and equations are quite an important part of this subject and knowing them well are recommended if you aim for a high rank.

Refer to other books

Yes, NCERT books are your Holy Bible, but it is also imperative to refer to other books and materials while preparing for your JEE Mains. Other references will give you more information and explanation about each topic. Referring to other books will help you in a comprehensive study of the subject, aiding your preparation. Enrolling in online classes for Maths will surely help you in getting information about the reference material you should choose.

Mock tests and questions paper

It goes without saying yet we are stating it…solving model question papers and previous years’ question papers, and giving mock tests, will give you insights into managing your time well. It will also help you understand the weightage given to topics and questions asked in previous years. Besides, mock tests are modelled on the real exam in every way, thus giving an idea of the actual one. This also helps in cutting down on anxiety and nervousness, while boosting your confidence and morale.

Revise as much as possible

revise-as-much-as-possibleThe most important aspect perhaps is revision. The more you revise, the better equipped you will be for the JEE Mains. Your revision should ideally begin two to three months before the actual exam, giving you enough time to be through with the syllabus. Revision involves attempting mocks, solving previous years’ question papers, and model papers. Considered by experts to be the best method of learning Maths, solving different question papers will more than prepare you for the exam. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

The tips mentioned above, if followed diligently, will ensure that you score high marks and a top rank in the JEE Mains. While sincere self-study is important, we recommend joining online classes for Maths, which will give you an edge over others. The guidance and immense help in the coaching class will enhance your confidence, help you form smart strategies to solve questions and help you ace the exam.

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