Tips to Crack the CSEET in the First Attempt

One of the toughest competitive exams to crack, the CSEET is taken by all those who aspire to do CS. Conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), it is a direct gateway to the CS executive programme. If you also aim to take the exam, it will help greatly to take the CSEET mock tests regularly. It especially works well if you wish to crack the exam on your first attempt. However, there are other ways to ensure that you clear it the first time itself. Here are some tips to help you do that.


Chalk out a study planCSEET study plan

Having a proper and effective study schedule is very important to crack any competitive exam. This will help you organise your time well and aid in preparing for the exam. However, do ensure that all the Papers get equal weightage while making this plan. Keep time for breaks and make monthly, weekly, and daily plans as you get closer to the exam date.

Get acquainted with the syllabus

Be aware of the entire syllabus and be thorough with it. You must know what papers are covered, the topics, sub-topics under every Paper, etc. Hence, we suggest going through the syllabus in detail and understanding the contents of each Paper well. If you wish to clear the CS Executive Entrance Test it is imperative that you go through the entire syllabus and be aware of the contents in detail.

Attend coaching classes

Whether online or offline, we suggest enrolling in a coaching class specifically meant for CSEET. Joining a class will give you expert’s guidance and access to various study materials and sample papers. Besides, in the class, you will get a better understanding of the topics and can get your doubts cleared and resolve any difficulties. It will also boost your confidence about taking the exam.

Make your own notesCSEET preparation notes

Writing down in your own words while studying is known to help greatly in the learning process. Simple, brief and easy…that should be your aim. Make short and brief notes that will help you capture the key points and essence of a topic or theme. Keep a notebook for this purpose and jot down notes for theoretical subjects. This will help in revising them quickly and in understanding formulas and concepts better.

Take mock tests

Mock tests are a replica of the real exam. They are like attempting the actual test paper. They are also modelled on real paper, and you get familiarised with the actual paper pattern. These ICSI CSEET mock tests help you assess your speed and level of accuracy. Taking these tests regularly will eventually enhance your overall performance on the exam.

Prepare for Viva Voce

Paper 4 of the exam has a section on Viva Voce, along with current affairs. It is similar to the practical exams you give before Class 10 and Class 12 Boards. The purpose of Viva Voce is to analyse your communication skills. This is important as a CS has to interact with government bodies, stakeholders and others. For Viva Voce, you can practice in front of the mirror and speak on various topics.

Besides the above, keep yourself abreast of current affairs and refer to the monthly newsletter and journals released by ICSI. Taking the mock test is highly recommended as this will give you the feel of the actual exam. Apart from this, the CSEET mock test series benefits are many, which you can enjoy once you take this test. Also, dedication, a rigorous study schedule, and analysing your own performance every week will help you stay up to the mark in your preparation.

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