5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Education System

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has altered the world. It is a technology that has impacted every sector of society and has transformed it for better. One of the sectors that have benefitted immensely from AI is the education sector.

Similar to an educator who needs to get acquainted with its students and their behaviour before suggesting a learning path, AI also requires proper input and data for its functioning. Once the data and analytics are fed into the system, AI will be able to assist the teachers in several unique ways.

Some of them are as follows:

1. AI can help in personalised learning:

It can become very difficult for tutors to handle a class of more than 30 students. This is mostly because each student demands a different degree of attention and care. The best way to handle this situation is by using AI technology which can assist teachers in developing personalised learning. Through this, each student will receive full attention, which will clear their doubts and enhance their performance.

2. Addressing vernacular requirements:

AI and education go hand in hand. And as technology continues to mature, it makes learning easier, efficient and accessible. For example, with the help of AI today, students learning in a vernacular language can get a real-time translation. This has allowed maximum students to enjoy the fruits of technological advancement.

3. Automatic doubt solving:

With the help of this technology, students can simply enter their query and receive a suggestion or solution immediately. This has benefitted students by saving them a lot of time.

4. Automatic grading facility:

From junior high to senior high, the only way to evaluate the performance of every student is by grading. Now, this is a tedious job. It involves curating question papers for every semester, proof-reading it and then grading it. A lot of time goes in doing the paper-work, when in fact it can be spent on other activities that can help students in several ways. Here’s where AI can be of great assistance. With the help of AI applications and tools can perform the grading of papers and assignments automatically.

5. Interactive gamification:

Thanks to AI, now students have an option to learn their lessons in a more interactive manner. This can be done with the help of gamification, which is an alternative means of learning. Here, students are encouraged to play virtual games that allow users to score points, compete with fellow students and complete challenges. The primary goal of this is to help them learn by making the whole process fun.

There are many different ways in which AI can help in imparting quality education to students residing anywhere in the world. A large part of this is possible because of cloud computing as well. Moreover, this technology is not only improving the education ecosystem but will also be responsible for producing some of the brightest minds. This is how cloud-based learning makes education smarter and AI is making education and learning more approachable.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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