Ways to Solve NEET Problems Faster

Every medical aspirant’s dream, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam (NEET), is undoubtedly a tough exam. But what is challenging in the exam is solving problems in record time. Physics, anyways, happens to be a difficult and tricky subject to master. However, the time you take to solve a problem is important as well. You cannot spend too long trying to solve a problem. Doing so will take you longer to solve the entire paper. This, in turn, may result in you not completing the paper in the given timeframe. Yet, there are ways to navigate this issue and solve problems speedily. Here are some tricks to solve NEET questions faster.

Read the paper thoroughly

NEET previous years papers
First and foremost, it is imperative to read the paper and understand the questions asked before even attempting any. This way, you will know which questions you must tackle first, and which ones can be attempted later. For instance, calculative questions can be tackled later as they are time-consuming.

Understand the key concepts

This is crucial as only when you understand concepts will you be able to solve any problem quickly. You must be clear about the concepts of each chapter. Very importantly, when you read through the paper, try to understand the key concept behind every question. This will help you recognise the chapters these questions belong to. Hence, answering them will be easy and quick.

Focus on the units

Always focus on the units…for example, most students make the silly mistake of forgetting to convert ‘metre’ into centimetres’. This error leads to a wrong answer and hence a loss of marks. Do remember that the appropriate unit is always mentioned in the options. All you need is a lot of practice to perfect this art. Look at NEET questions with answers to gain some insight on this.

Use your imagination

Remember, Physics involves a lot of imagination. Hence, you must imagine the situation and the concept revolving around that particular question. As you start imagining what happened in a question, things will start falling in place and make problem-solving easy. Consequently, you will be able to solve the problems at a faster pace.

Study material and practice

NEET study material

Refer to the correct study material meant for NEET. This includes NCERT books (Naturally) and any other reference suggested by your teachers. Also, practice, practice, and practice from NEET’s previous years’ question papers. This will help you assess your performance and fix any mistakes you may be committing. Besides, solving questions papers helps in accuracy and boosts your speed as well.
NEET is a highly difficult competitive exam. And Physics is considered the toughest of the three subjects, the other two being Chemistry and Biology. However, acing NEET with smart strategies is possible, and the tips above will surely help you do that. Also, enrolling in an online coaching programme helps as well. There are many benefits of a NEET crash course, which offer guidance and access to many sample papers to practice. These will go a long way in helping you gain speed while solving problems. This, in turn, will help you score high marks, even making you a top scorer in the exam.


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