The Vital Role of Augmented Reality in Online Learning

Online education offers a holistic way of teaching and learning. It is designed to meet the educational needs of upcoming generations. This is why thousands of students from around the world are enrolling for such programs. Online learning is definitely the greatest revolution in modern education.

But, what is the reason behind the popularity of online learning?

The answer is Augmented Reality or AR. It’s a technology that superimposes animations or computer-generated images on top of real-world views. In education, AR serves many purposes. It helps students easily obtain, process and remember information. Plus, it makes learning interactive and fun.

Modern Learning Management Systems support AR. This allows for greater learning efficiency, student engagement and knowledge retention. Even small and large enterprises are now introducing AR functionality. By 2021, it’s estimated that the AR market size will be 215 billion US dollars.

But, even with the help of advanced technology like AR and VR, online education is not well-received. Let’s understand why –

1. Challenges and Solutions of Online Learning

a. A boring/dull structure

Many online learning courses comprise a boring study pattern that is making students lose interest. This is because the courses are often mistakenly designed to suit traditional learning.

As a student, it is your responsibility to find an appropriate online course. Currently, there are a variety of courses that offer interactive study sessions. Many programs include videos, practice sessions, audio/video feedback, forums and more. So make sure to select and invest wisely.

b. Need for interaction

There is an absence of face-to-face interaction in online education. This could have a negative impact on communication.

To overcome this, select courses that incorporate webinars, forums or group discussions. This will allow you to discuss various topics with your peers and tutors.

c. Quality of courses

Attractive promotions and outstanding campaigns support many mediocre online courses. Students can fall prey to these marketing gimmicks and enrol for such programs.

So, it’s important that students conduct thorough research before enrolling in any online course. Take suggestions from people who have already signed up for the program. You could also ask experts and read online reviews.

d. Motivation and engagement

Students get easily distracted or disinterested with a monotonous flow. If the course isn’t engaging enough, then students won’t find it motivating.

To counter this, it’s important to use innovative and creative techniques. Once they are able to perceive the value of the course, students will be automatically motivated.

2. Online Learning Benefits

There are multiple advantages associated with online learning. Some of the benefits it provides are as follows-

  • There is tremendous cost reduction in taking a course online. For example, you would not have to deal with the added expense of travel, accommodation and so on.
  • You could pursue your degree online whilst working a full-time job. So, there is greater flexibility without having to compromise on your ambitions.
  • Learners can take their course at any time during the day, from anywhere around the globe.

You won’t have anyone to monitor your study schedule. So, you will have to develop these skills all by yourself. This helps in developing a sense of self-discipline.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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