A Step-by-Step Guide to Instructor-Led Virtual Learning

Teachers across the world have shifted their lessons online. But, creating a virtual learning environment isn’t easy. Many instructors have to deal with various online learning issues every day. Bad connectivity or a faulty microphone can completely ruin a virtual learning experience. For a successful class, online teachers need to stay updated on the latest technology. This is because artificial intelligence plays a huge role in education today. If you’re about to create an instructor-led virtual learning experience, we’re here to help. Here’s a guide for Instructor-Led Virtual Learning and the tools you need to incorporate in your lesson:

1. Videoconferencing software

You will need good videoconferencing software. This will let you talk to your students in real-time. There are several options available today. You should pick a software that offers you the best video and audio quality. It’s a good idea to opt for a platform that gives you complete control over who can share information. You can also use videoconferencing software to record sessions. You can then upload these sessions for reference.

2. An interactive whiteboard

Blackboards have been a part of traditional classrooms for several years. An interactive whiteboard takes this traditional tool and puts it online. Whiteboards boost active participation of students. It also helps create the feeling of a classroom. An interactive whiteboard will help you show your students important details. You can use the whiteboard to showcase important information. You can also use it to show your working. This is especially important if you teach mathematics or science.

3. Screen-sharing software

A good teacher often shares a lot more information than required. At times, you may want to share interesting details that are not necessary for the course. But, the information can help your students understand the matter better. The best way to share the information is with screen-sharing software. You can use it to show your students presentations and processes. It’s also a great tool to have while sharing feedback on assignments. Screen-sharing also promotes collaboration, which is essential in any instructor-led learning scenario.

4. Learning management systems

Also known as an LMS, this will help you organise your sessions and keep track of classes. A good LMS will provide you with your learner profiles and assessment tools. It will make it easier for you to share information with your students and check on their progress. It should have all the tools you require to create an engaging instructor-led virtual course. Of course, any good LMS will also have videoconferencing and whiteboard features.

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Written by Today's Geniuses
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