A Student’s Guide to Acing Online Tests While Preparing for Competitive Exams

Most students spend years preparing for competitive exams. Aspiring doctors and engineers start their JEE and NEET preparation even before they receive their Class 10 results. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, competitive exam preparations look a little different. Students now have to study and work online. They no longer have the luxury of attending in-person classes. While some people prefer to study online, others struggle. Online learning offers a lot of freedom. So, learners who need outside motivation find it hard to cope. Whether you like online learning or not, we want to help you ace your upcoming competitive exam. Here’s a look at our guide to acing online tests as part of your preparation.

Preparing for Competitive Exams

Manage Your Time

The first skill you must master while preparing online is time management. Whenever you can, schedule your day around your lessons. If you have to watch video recordings, make sure you set aside enough time every day to do so. Create a daily and weekly timetable and stick to it. Give yourself enough time to study, but do not neglect breaks. By doing this, you give yourself enough time to prepare and revise before the exam.

Ace Assignments and Assessments

Ace Assignments and AssessmentsMany students get tempted to take their online courses for granted. They do not bother completing assignments or studying for tests. When you’re preparing for competitive exams, you must treat every assessment as the final paper. By doing this, you feel motivated to study and do well. Remember, the more practice tests you can complete, the better.

Stick to a Test Schedule

Your competitive exam results could make or break your future. While preparing for competitive exams, make sure you create a test schedule. Each test that you take will help you feel more comfortable with the upcoming exam. Give yourself time between exams to revise and review your notes. Every test you complete brings you one step closer to your goal.

Get Your Space Ready

Get Your Space ReadyMany people who study online miss the classroom environment. But, online learners can create a light and airy study space to help them concentrate. Set aside a study nook for yourself right at the start. Make sure you keep the area free of clutter. As far as possible, remove any items that could distract you. Whenever you are taking online lessons or doing practice tests, sit in your designated study area. The moment you sit at your desk, your brain realises that it is time to study.

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