An Instructor’s Guide to Dealing With the Most Common Online Learning Issues

The coronavirus pandemic forced everybody online. School buildings closed and online classrooms opened. Tutors had to quickly learn how to transfer their course online. New technology became integral to learning. Everybody started to understand the role of artificial intelligence in education. Online learning platforms helped education continue for the last few months. Sadly, many students and teachers face several issues while teaching online. Some of these issues can greatly affect the way students are can learn. If you’ve been struggling with a few issues, we’re here to help. Here’s how you can solve some common issues that online instructors face.

Instructor's Guide - Issues and solutions

1: Students Tuning Out

When it comes to online platforms, learners often feel isolated. So, it is up to the instructor to ensure that they engage with the lesson and stay focused. Online sessions that are text-heavy can be difficult for students to pay attention to.


Instead, you can include videos and other materials to make the lessons more engaging. You should also keep your sessions short and interact with students as much as possible. Try to find the right balance between instructor-led training and discussions. Learners need to be able to discuss important issues with their peers as well.

2: Technical Difficulties

Online lessons can be completely ruined due to various technical problems. A bad network or a faulty microphone could disrupt your entire lecture.


When dealing with technical issues, you need to be patient and familiar with the platform. Test the platform before your lesson to ensure everything is working. You can also record your lectures and upload them later. This way, if a lesson is interrupted, students can still access it when required. You can practice using the different features available on the platform. Once you’re familiar with everything, you can create a list of quick fixes for potential problems.

3: Learners Can’t Connect

As an instructor, your biggest concern is your students. If they aren’t able to connect to your class, you won’t be able to teach anything. Sometimes, the issue could be a shoddy network. It’s also possible that students have connected to the wrong session.


You can send your learners a list of instructions before the class. Provide them with the URL or ID and password they need to access your lesson. Make sure you include details such as the time and date, as well as the time zone you’re functioning in. This makes it easy for teachers and students from across the world to connect with each other.

Online learning isn’t difficult, but a few issues could complicate the process. At TG Campus, we provide you with a seamless online Tutoring platform where you can easily share knowledge. You can upload materials in a variety of formats, such as PDF files, presentations, videos and more. Before every live session, we check the connectivity of each participant. This helps us minimise interruptions during each class. With TG Campus, you don’t have to worry about these online learning issues. We’ll take care of them for you.

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