Understanding the Benefits of Microlearning

There are a number of trends that dominate online learning from time-to-time. Often, it can be difficult to tell a passing fad from a promising new idea. When it comes to microlearning, making the distinction is easy. In fact, it has been around for a very long time. It has taken the online learning world by storm. And now, microlearning is also being used in traditional learning and training. This shows how much technology is shaping the future of education. Before we dive into the benefits, let us understand what it is. Microlearning is any learning material that covers one concept in under six minutes. It focuses on a specific learning outcome.

Let’s take a look at why microlearning is so beneficial.

Information Is Easy to Retain

Microlearning benefits

Microlearning courses address only one learning objective. The learning material is presented in one or two screens as video or animation. These courses can also be created from short quizzes and games. Students can easily understand the information that is presented to them in this format. Once students understand the matter, it is easier for them to remember it. By using microlearning, corporates and teachers can help learners with stress management.

Higher Engagement

Microlearning sessions take less than 10 minutes. On the other hand, regular courses are over 20 minutes long. During longer courses, learners may feel fatigued and zone out. Since microlearning courses are shorter, learners are more willing to pay attention. Here, students have to pay attention for a few minutes to understand a single concept. The matter is also presented in interesting formats, like videos and animations. All this combined makes microlearning more engaging than regular online courses.

Better Application of Concepts in the Real World

Microlearning is especially useful in training scenarios. Learners are able to understand concepts quickly and retain what they’ve learnt for longer. This makes it easier for trainees to apply these concepts to their everyday jobs. And, since these courses are so short, employees can retake them at any time to refresh their knowledge. This way, companies are able to improve the performance of their team in the long run.


The biggest advantage of microlearning is that it puts the learner in charge. Learners are free to choose their own learning path. As the sessions are very short, they don’t cut into a large chunk of the learner’s day. This enables them to learn whenever they have a few minutes to themselves. Even the way in which the content is showcased is learner-centric. Sessions that have video and animation are likely to match individual learning styles. These small but important features of microlearning courses make them all the more appealing.

At TG Campus, we believe that microlearning is the way to go. It helps alleviate stress for both learners and educators. What’s more, our platform is quick and safe. We encourage online learners to practice internet safety whenever they’re using our platform. Whether you’re a corporate, a teacher or a student, you can benefit from it. To enjoy the benefits of microlearning, join TG Campus today.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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