Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Education

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the simulation or duplication of human intelligence in machines that are designed to think like humans. This term can also be applied to any machine that reflects traits that are associated with a human mind or can copy their actions.

The ideal characteristic of AI is when it exhibits the potential to rationalise and take actions that show chances of achieving success.

AI and Education

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

What do you think, when you think of AI? Is it robots? Well, that’s not unusual as big Hollywood movies and novels have woven stories of AI as human-like machines that are hell-bent to wreak havoc in the world. But, this is not AI.

AI is based on the principle that human intelligence can be defined in a way that allows a machine to mimic, execute tasks – simple and complex. The goals set for artificial intelligence include reasoning, learning and perception.

In fact, AI has penetrated into our daily lives too, but we have failed to acknowledge it. How? When you are surfing on your favourite social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, do you receive pop-ups or ads from different websites that you may have clicked on once? This is because AI tracks your activity and the content you like to suggest the same in future to improve your experience on that app.

Well, now you know why you receive tons of recommended cute dog videos or ads of that dress you wanted to buy.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Did you know that the size of the education sector in India is massive and it’s only growing? Surely this growing sector and the global education system can benefit from the use of artificial intelligence. Right?

Here are a few ways in which artificial intelligence can help:

  • AI can help tutors in grading papers and conducting exams:

Exams require a lot of preparation, not just by students but also teachers. It requires a lot of planning and logistics like preparing question papers, printing them, proof-reading them, etc. then, the teachers have to evaluate hundreds of papers and re-evaluate, if necessary. But, institutes can save a lot of time, money and effort by using online assessment tools that are powered by AI for conducting exams.

  • AI can help teachers with feedback:

AI can track the performance of students individually and as a batch. These detailed analytics will then help teachers learn about the problem faced by the students in understanding a concept or topic, and give tutors a chance to come up with strategies to deal with the situation.

  • AI can prevent cheating in online exams:

Did you know that with the help of AI-enabled proctoring schools and online institutions can prevent cheating? This system will leave no space for malpractices and allow schools to stop or reduce physical invigilation.

The Rising Popularity of Online Education

A lot of people wonder how cloud-based learning makes education smarter. Well, with the help of online education, that promotes cloud-based learning, education has become more accessible, cost-effective and convenient. India has scaled new heights in the education sector, all thanks to online education which offers a better way to impart knowledge and also conduct examinations. Thus, giving students a chance to learn from anywhere in the world.

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