Tips for Biology Students Preparing for Engineering Entrance Exams

Many higher secondary students believe that candidates who have opted for biology do not qualify to sit for engineering entrance exams such as JEE. But, that’s not all. A few of them are also under the impression that if you choose to take up subject combinations like biology and mathematics, you will be unable to clear the entrance tests. This is just a myth!

By creating the right game plan for your exams, anyone can ace the engineering entrance tests. The only criteria for such exams are:

• Students should pass their 10+2 examination with mathematics and physics as their core subjects.
• They must also opt for either chemistry/biotechnology/biology as their vocational subject.

Besides this, students have to be focused and dedicated to being able to crack entrance exams. If you are a biology student who is planning to sit for the upcoming engineering entrance exam, here are a few tips that will help:

1. Focus on mathematics:

The most important subject in such entrance exams in mathematics. Even when compared to physics and chemistry, mathematics takes the lead. This is why candidates are advised to focus more on maths and try to get a good score in this section. So, remember to practice as much as you can.

2. Be strong with the common subjects:

As a biology student, if you are planning to sit for engineering and medical entrance exams, you must work hard on subjects that are common in both these tests – Physics and chemistry.

3. Master the art of shortcuts:

If you want to score well in mathematics, hone your skills by practising shortcuts. This will help you attempt all the questions and finish your paper on time. It will also leave you with enough time to complete the other sections.

4. Prepare your own notes:

Always prepare your own notes. Don’t rely on your friends or classmates to send you their notes at the last minute. This may not only waste your time but also confuse you. Every individual has a different way of learning, so it’s best to prepare your own notes and revise from them.

5. Sit for mock tests:

The best guide to JEE advanced is to sit for mock tests online. This will give you a clear picture of where you stand in the competition. Ideally, biology students should take mock tests at regular intervals to understand their strengths and weaknesses and also to get a better understanding of the question paper.

Besides this, biology students should also sit for JEE or NEET online crash courses. The efficiency of crash courses, in the long run, is evident and effective as it helps in boosting their confidence. So, if you are a biology student, do not pay heed to such myths anymore. Just focus on your preparation and you’ll be able to crack the engineering entrance exam with ease.

All the best!

Written by Today's Geniuses
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