Top 6 Tips to Help You Crack the CA Foundation test

One of the toughest competitive exams is the CA Foundation, which is the first step to becoming a Chartered Accountant. It is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) twice a year. And it is a profession that is gaining in popularity as entrepreneurship is on the rise today. To study for this, you need to refer to the right CA Foundation study material. Along with that you also need to know the strategies that will help you crack it. Hence, if you have set your sights on this exam, here are some study tips to make you exam-ready.

Craft a study schedule

To begin with, you must create a study plan, which is the base of your preparation. If you think you can prepare without this timetable as you have enough time, think again. Unless you have this in place, you will not be able to complete the syllabus, leave alone meet your target. Craft a solid and effective one with enough time allotted to each subject, chapter and topic and…implement it diligently and sincerely.

Begin with a difficult subject/topic

No matter how well you may have chalked out your study plan well in advance, there will be some topics that will scare you. You must tackle these at the start. Once you get these out of the way, the ones that you find easy will be quicker to master. Also, tackling the daunting ones will build your confidence, and completing them first will also help you while revising. Besides, as the exam nears, you will not feel overwhelmed by these tough topics.

Make your own notesMake CA Foundation notes

This is very crucial to achieving success in your preparation. Keep a small notebook exclusively for this task. When you write something down in your own words and handwriting, you retain it better. Plus, this way, you will know what you have to understand and what needs some explanation or clarity. You can refer to your notes, which will help you understand and memorise important points. These will help you in your revision as well.

Try to understand concepts

This simply means that you must try to understand the topic you are studying and avoid rote learning. If you try to only memorise concepts or points, you will not remember them for more than 15 days at the maximum. Understanding and learning the basics will help you master a topic well. This will also strengthen your foundation, which is essential for scoring high marks. Remember, this is a competitive exam, which is very different from your school or college tests.

Writing practice is a must

Another very important aspect is writing…a CA must have loads of writing practice. Theoretical answers, practical questions, all need a lot of writing practice. Practicing writing multiple answers will help you remember what you have studied. You will also overcome any fear of forgetfulness when you write anything down. Moreover, it is important to practice credentials writing, which ensure that you do not draw a blank while answering the exam.

Take mock tests and solve sample papersCA Foundation mock tests and sample papers

These are the most crucial part of your preparation. Solving past years’ papers, revision papers, and taking mocks are all very helpful. You may study for long hours, but this is not enough to avoid anxiety during the exam. Taking CA Foundation mock test papers and solving sample papers help in self-analysis, increases speed and accuracy and boosts confidence. Plus, you become aware of the paper pattern and the most likely questions as well. Thus, give this utmost importance.

You may be very sincere and diligent in your preparation but be realistic as well. Long hours of study must be interspersed with short breaks. Pursue a hobby, spend time with family and friends, listen to music, exercise, eat nutritious food and get enough rest and sleep. Refer to the correct study material as well. Your best option is the material provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). We strongly recommend checking their website regularly.

Besides this, we have already mentioned why the CA Foundation mock test series is important. Do take that, and we also suggest joining a coaching institute – offline or online. Here, you can get your doubts cleared and also any FAQs on CA Foundation Course Syllabus. Plus, you also have access to CA Foundation question papers set by the institute itself. This will further make your preparation stronger and more solid. Overall, following our tips will help you crack the CA Foundation exam with a high score.

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