Smart Preparation Strategies for JEE Droppers or Repeaters

JEE can be overwhelming and one of the toughest exams to crack and even tougher to score high marks. Besides, the competition is high as even international students take this prestigious exam. Moreover, bagging a seat in one of the leading engineering institutes is tougher. This is thanks to the difficulty level of the exam and the number of students taking it. Students also drop a year to study for this exam and, at times, do not make it through. However, we say there are always second chances in life. Here, we give some invaluable study tips to the dropper batch for JEE 2023. This will help you crack the exam as well as beat the competition. Hence, if you are planning on repeating the JEE, read on…

Use a different strategy

This simply means changing your approach to studying. Revisit the strategy you adopted the first time and see what changes you can make. Can you employ parts or it? Or does it need a complete turnaround? Relook into your study plan and make the change accordingly. And most importantly, keep a positive attitude. This is paramount when you are studying for an exam. Stick to ‘Good vibes only’ and you will only feed positive thoughts to your mind.

Choose your resources well

Undoubtedly, NCERT books are your basic resource for JEE preparation, even if you are taking the exam again. Combining these with other resources will greatly help you in your preparation process and give you an edge over others. We suggest looking at various reference books and picking the ones recommended by various learning platforms. You can even ask your tutors for recommendations. In a repeater course for JEE, your teachers will provide names of some important books you can refer to.

Take an online course 

Online JEE repeater course

Enrolling in an online course will boost your confidence if you are a repeater or have dropped a year to take the JEE. Besides, it will also aid in your preparation with proper guidance from experienced tutors. We recommend joining a JEE repeater course, wherein you can turn to your tutors for any doubts and advice on how to chalk out your study plan as well. Moreover, you will have access to mock tests and sample papers, which will further help you prepare.

Understand concepts and problem-solving methods

When you are taking the JEE again, besides changing your strategy, do focus on your weak areas. Along with these, focus on the concepts…understand them, and make notes about important concepts and formulas. Practice solving problems and use a method that works the best. Understand the problem, think of the formula that you can apply, and then solve it. It must not take long and if unsure about the formula to be used, go to the next question. Revisit questions that you have left out after you finish solving the entire sample paper.

Stay positive and focused

tips for handling anxiety and stress while preparing for IIT JEE

It is natural to get nervous and anxious while preparing for a competitive exam. However, strengthening your foundation, revision, and taking mock tests are very important. Follow these three tips for handling anxiety and stress while preparing for IIT JEE. These will help you to cut down on anxiety and stress, thus helping you to stay positive and focused. Besides, keep negative people at bay and surround yourself with all things positive. In fact, when you start preparing, make sure that you do so in a positive and encouraging environment.

Smart strategies, a focused mindset, and staying positive will help in your preparation for the JEE. However, do consider enrolling in online coaching as well. This will help you in removing anxieties, clearing doubts, and getting proper guidance to crack the exam and top it. The above are the top 5 reasons to switch to online IIT JEE coaching if you haven’t done so yet. All of the above-mentioned points will be covered extensively in an online coaching class. TG Campus® has excellent coaching by expert and experienced tutors who will ensure you score high marks in the exam.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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