Assess your SAT strengths and weaknesses

The Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is an exam that tests high-school students on ready they are to enter college. The test allows colleges in India and outside the country, to assess students on one common point to compare various applications and give admissions based on the scores. Many leading colleges in the country today accept SAT scores while evaluating students. If you are preparing to give your SAT, you must also evaluate your strengths and weaknesses on the test to get high scores. Here, we tell you how you can do just that…

Know your SAT strengths and weaknesses to get high scores

Yes, you are geared up for the SAT exam, but it is also essential to know your weak spots and your strong ones to get a good score or top it. To begin with, let us understand the basic structure and SAT marks distribution.

The SAT exam is divided into three sections:

  • Reading
  • Writing and Language
  • Math

Spread across three hours, most questions are multiple-choice questions. Some questions in the Math section will need you to write down the answers.

The table below shows depicts the structure of the test

Sections No. of Questions Duration
Reading 52 65
Writing & Language 44 35
Mathematics 58 80
Aggregate 154 180

Practice tests

One of the best ways to assess yourself before taking the SAT exam is to take the practice tests. These tests are like the real ones and also follow the same pattern and marking system. This way, you can assess your weak areas and your strong ones. For example, you may need more work in geometry while Algebra may be your strength. While taking a test, you can even focus on one particular section instead of the entire test. Thus, you can take a test multiple times, concentrating on your weak spots.

Revision matters

When you are studying for SAT, you will be able to tell which topics are easy for you to master and which ones are difficult. The ones that are easy are naturally your strong areas and the ones that are not, are the weak ones. Now, revise these ‘tough’ topics daily for about 2-3 hours to master them. Focusing and revising your weak topics every day will eventually make them your strong points as well. This also helps in assessing how much you will score in your strong areas as per the SAT marks distribution.

Setting a target goal score

Now that you are taking the practice test, it is important to set a target goal score as well. For instance, if you are aiming for a score of 1000 on the test and achieve it, you are most likely to attain it (or higher) in the actual exam as well. However, if you have not set a target, try spotting where you are making mistakes. The maximum number of mistakes in a certain section displays your weakness in that section and the minimum number in a section shows your strength in that one.

Evaluating English

The English test comprises grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, effective use of language, etc. Assessing yourself on these aspects in English will help improve your score in it. You must know to read good writing. Then, you will be able to spot the errors in the passage. Also, shorter answers are more accurate as they eliminate redundancy. Remember, there are multiple-choice questions, so focus on your weak areas in English.

Assessing your Math

SAT math practice

Perhaps the toughest for most students, Math in the SAT is divided into two segments:

  • Calculator
  • Non-calculator

Besides, math is tested at four levels:

  • Heart of Algebra
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Passport to Advanced Math
  • Additional Topics in Math

We suggest you solve all the problems using the calculator and not using it as well. This way, you will be able to evaluate your weak areas and your strong ones too. The ones that you are able to solve faster are naturally your strength, while those that take longer or you struggle with, are the ones you must work on more.

SAT with its many facets may seem challenging and perhaps ridden with obstacles. However, it is not unsurmountable and cannot be tackled. You can certainly score high on the test and garner a seat in one of the prestigious institutes. Do keep an eye on the SAT marks distribution while assessing yourself and start prepping up early.

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