Get Ready For NEET Only In 4 Months!

No matter how much you prepare for NEET, no one can cover all the concepts. And when you are reminded about it, it’s almost exam time! TG Campus has designed a 4-months crash course for NEET aspirants keeping in mind that they need to be assisted in completing their syllabus in time. This intensive 4-month NEET Crash Course covers all the concepts with exceptional simplicity and fantastic efficiency.

One important thing about this particular course is the variety that it comes in. This course can be availed by the students in several ways. They can join the batches formed for this online crash course. They can also get personalized one-on-one tutoring from the subject matter experts at TG Campus. These tutors are capable of examining your areas of weakness and they guide you to work on those. They also make sure that regular analyses prepare students for the tougher concepts more successfully.

The course module will cover the major topics of 11th and 12th for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This helps the student attain excellent marks in entrance examinations and board examinations. The entire 4-Months NEET Crash Course will help remove all the doubts and preparations that can be carried out in the last 3-4 months.

Written by Today's Geniuses
Today’s Geniuses comprises of all the members of TG Campus. It includes IIT Alumni, PhD holders with fellowship and Subject Matter Experts, creating an enthusiastic bunch of Geniuses who are driven by their passion to empower learning.