Online Education Has A Bright Future In India & Here’s Why!

India as a nation has seen a fantastic yet steady economic growth over the past couple of decades. And it won’t be wrong to say that the credit goes to the education in India that has been matching the global standards.

Today, education is not only about a teacher standing in front of the class and teaching the students. It has grown into something different altogether. The sudden rise of internet users in India is one of the reasons.

Online education is the catalyst. With more than 37 crore active users, companies are witnessing a paradigm shift in the sector. With an estimated market of Rs 21,500 Crores, online education has garnered everyone’s attention. Many companies here and abroad are eager to invest in it.

Educationally Untapped India

But this is only the beginning. India is the world’s third largest educational ground and it’s still growing. There are more than 10 lakh schools & more than 18 colleges in India. But they are not able to reach out to all the students in the country. More than 4 per cent of the children never start school. Around 58 per cent of children are unable to complete their primary education. And almost 90 per cent do not complete their secondary education due to various circumstances. Only 10 per cent of the total number of students are able to reach the collegiate courses. The growth in e-learning and students completing their education doesn’t match. The numbers show that education isn’t possible for everyone, but learning is. Imagine the exponential growth that we will witness once we reach the remnant 90 per cent!

Cost Effective Learning

People are wary of the traditional education system. There are doubts raised on the quality of education that is provided here. On the other hand, people are showing interest in online education. They have come to a realization that world-class learning is only a click away! Also, there are no time and infrastructural constraints of an educational institute. Online education makes learning even cost-effective. Travelling costs, excessive tuition fees, donations and other miscellaneous costs are cut. With online education coming to your home, learning with passion is again a possibility for many.

Reskilling In Corporate

Nowadays, organisations look for more than just degrees. They emphasize on the extra skill sets in the prospective employees. There are appreciation bonuses and appraisals for employees who earn part-time diplomas. Reskilling has become a trend. It is changing the ecosystem of the organisations across India.

Future of E-Learning

Online learning has surely empowered the whole learning process in India. But one cannot overlook the benefits of the traditional educational setups. Hence, there has to be a solution to bridge the polarities of these education system. This is where companies like Tomorrow’s Genius(TG) come in. TG has launched a unique E-learning platform that bridges this gap perfectly. The platform retains the benefits of the traditional education system. Also, it adds the ease of online environment to it making it more lucrative. Such platforms show that it is not a distant dream for India to bring in the children who had to leave education.

Active participation of organisations in e-learning, education has a promising future in India. Soon, India will become self-sufficient in nurturing talent and expertise. And online education will be pivotal in raising the literacy rate of India.

Written by Today's Geniuses
Today’s Geniuses comprises of all the members of TG Campus. It includes IIT Alumni, PhD holders with fellowship and Subject Matter Experts, creating an enthusiastic bunch of Geniuses who are driven by their passion to empower learning.