8 Simple Tips To Improve Your Memory!

Every once in a while, teachers and parents complain that the students need to work on their memory. It is very crucial for a student’s life. Good memory enhances productivity, enables them to grow personally. And most importantly, it helps them prevent the repetition of mistakes. Whether you are working on the international competitive tests or creating a schedule for your scholastic curriculum, a good memory will work wonders! You would want to read further on simple foods that help you keep your brain healthy.

In this article, we look at 8 such simple yet very effective memory enhancing tips –

1. Drink Water

We all know that a human body is made up of 60 percent water. But not many know that the brain in the body is made up of 73 percent water. Drinking more water not only nourishes your brain but also makes it more efficient.

2. Eat Nuts & Dried Fruits

After water, the brain is mainly made up of fats! These fats are the energy reservoir for the brain to function efficiently. These fats can be found in nuts. This doesn’t mean you have to eat a kilogram of nuts in one go! You can replace your study-time munchies with nuts. A handful of nuts every day will enhance your memory in no time.

3. Fish or Fish Oil

For all those seafood lovers, fish contain omega-3, which boosts your memory power. So, a healthy inclusion of fish in your diet is recommended. As for the vegetarians, you could always get the Fish Oil Omega 3 pills from the pharmacy.

4. Sleep More, Nap Less!

This is a well-known fact around the globe that lack of sleep affects your memory dramatically. But, with the lifestyle that we have adopted, it is really important for us to take our sleep schedule seriously. One must get at least 6-7 hours of sound sleep to function properly.

5. Exercise

Exercise is absolutely great for your brain! A simple 10-minute walk around the park can help you activate your mind and in turn your whole body. If there aren’t any parks around, you can do a simple 5-minute stretching at home. It’s also a good initiation for your future exercise habit building.

6. Head Massage

No! This isn’t the barbaric massage that you usually see men getting at the men’s salons. Only 15 minutes of soft finger massage of the scalp and even softer hair pulling regime reboots your brain. It creates an environment for your brain to cut-off from all the arduous tasks at hand and the break helps your mind open up successfully.

7. Meditation

Similar to massage, meditation helps your brain to calm down. To start from basics, you just have sat in a comfortable position and breathe deeply for at least 5 minutes. Once you start practicing this every day, you’ll begin to notice changes in your temperament as well.

8. Memory Games

Memory games or brain games are fun! These games are available on smartphones and as offline board games as well. The more you play these games, the more you can push your brain to the next level.

Final thoughts

Though all the tips are simple and possible, it would be advisable to choose just one for the beginning. Look into your current schedule and decide on which tip will be the best one to support it. It’s an opportune time to decide on which tip will help you the most.


Written by Today's Geniuses
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