5 Most Common Myths About Engineers In India

Every profession comes with its baggage of stereotypes and myths that are widespread. One such profession is Engineering. India produces the most number of engineers every year, yet perceives engineers in a singular category.
A category that possesses personality traits and characteristics that are far from reality. Without much ado, let’s look at these myths –

1. Engineers are anti-social & nerds

The word engineer brings an image in everyone’s mind. A person who lacks interpersonal skills. He doesn’t understand social etiquette and their lives revolve only around technology. Many believe that these people are loners. And they leave their homes only to shop or buy grocery.

2. Engineers are communication disabled

It is a common perception that Indian engineers can’t communicate properly. Everybody believes that it happens because of staying from the civilization for years. There are people who even think that engineers need professional help with communication. Really?!

3. Engineers get jobs in their 30s

Yes! Engineering courses are difficult. No! They are not an impossibility. Not every student needs to put in extra years to complete their course. And the supposed waiting period of almost a decade to land a job is nothing but a myth.

4. Engineers can repair anything

This is one notion that is rampant across the nation. Indians feel that there is nothing under the sky that is irreparable by an engineer. It is also believed that they have answers to all the questions related to the electronics.

5. Engineers have no creative interests

Why do people forget that engineers are human beings as well?! Like any other student in India, every engineer has a creative side too. They have achieved equal success in almost every field. Right genre, right from writing, designing to coming up with creative business ideas. Many of the famous Indian Athletes and Sports-persons are also engineers.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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