Top 5 IITs Of India – An Imperial League Of Engineering Institutions

Almost everyone in India knows what an IIT is. At least everyone who is friends with an engineer has heard about it. For those who don’t, IITs are an Imperial League of Engineering Institutes. They are the dream colleges for every aspiring engineer. But what is it about these colleges that make the whole nation dream of applying there?

Indian Institutes of Technology

The Indian Institutes of Technology, better known as the IITs, are engineering institutes. They are autonomous and governed by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). It was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s dream to build world-class technical institutes in India. These institutes would impart state-of-the-art technical knowledge to deserving minds.
The first IIT or Indian Institute of Technology was set up at Kharagpur in 1951. Today, there are 23 IITs established across the nation with a total capacity of 10,962 seats. But the road to these institutes is one experience many students dread. More than 10 lakh students take IIT’s entrance test every year.

Here is the list of the best IITs in India in the order of its establishment year –

1. IIT Kharagpur or IIT KGP (Kharagpur, West Bengal), established in 1951

IIT Kharagpur, one of the most prestigious & the oldest of the IITs w as established in 1951. The campus sprawls across an 8.5 kilometre-land. The campus has a capacity to accommodate more than 22,000 inhabitants. It is one of the most illustrious engineering institutes in India. The first IIT established, IIT KGP is Pandit Nehru’s dream of “a free self-sufficient India” come true.

2. IIT Bombay or IITB (Mumbai, Maharashtra), established in 1958

IIT Bombay was the second IIT established. Formed in 1958 at Mumbai (nee Bombay). It was the second of the first four IITs planned. UNESCO helped set up IITB with the technical support from the Soviet Union. The campus in Mumbai’s Powai area today spreads across 550 acres. It houses more than 580 important buildings. This is an important number considering the vast courses that the institute offers. The institute offers courses beyond the physical sciences. IITB has 15 departments, 19 multi-disciplinary centres, and 4 interdisciplinary centres. This enables IITB to extend courses beyond the physical sciences and engineering. IITB offers courses in humanities, social sciences and even in management studies. Integrated courses in Economics, English, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology are also offered here. This is one of the reasons why more than 75 per cent of the top ranking JEE Aspirants always choose IITB.

3. IIT Kanpur or IITK (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh), established in 1958

This IIT has an interesting story. IIT Kanpur was set up in Harcourt Butler Technological Institute’s canteen in 1958. Only in 1963 was it officially shifted to its current location in Kalyanpur. USA’s prestigious technology institutes participated in the Kanpur Indo-America Programme (KIAP). MIT, Princeton University and California Institute of Technology helped in setting up IITK. Also, the institute was the first to offer courses in Computer Science in the country.

4. IIT Madras (Chennai, Tamil Nadu), established in 1959

Soviet was helping India setup IIT Bombay, while USA was helping with IIT Kanpur. Erstwhile West Germany offered to help set up the IIT Madras. This is the institute that has nurtured the most promising engineers in India. IIT Madras is a hot pick for engineers in India. Very few people know that IIT Madras is also home to the endangered Blackbuck Deer. Also, the fastest supercomputer in India is also at the campus. The institute boasts of getting their students placed with best pay packages. The packages don’t just range in lakhs but have even crossed the threshold of a crore sometime back. Heavenly isn’t it!

5. IIT Delhi or IITD ( Kauz Khas, Delhi), established in 1963

While everyone was assisting India with IITs, England decided to help with IIT Delhi. It was College of Engineering and Technology that later became IIT in 1963. The Qutub Minar & the world-famous Lotus Temple are in its vicinity. It is also in close proximity to other famous educational institutes like JNU, AIIMS & NIFT.

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