Using Discussion Boards in Online Training Programmes

Online education has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last decade. Initially, only young adults or adolescents who could not physically attend classes would study online. Today, even corporates have started online training programmes for their employees. The idea is to make training easy and accessible for employees. In online situations, they can refresh their knowledge or learn new skills at their convenience. Unfortunately, many corporates are apprehensive about moving online. They believe that many online courses have only one-way traffic. Learners have to absorb all the information with little to no conversations with their trainers. Thankfully, this is starting to change. Corporates are now using discussion boards to create engaging online training programmes.

Importance of Using Discussion Boards in Online Training Programmes

Cognitive scientists today consider social learning as the most effective teaching strategy. Discussion boards serve as an ideal example of this school of thought. Here’s a look at why corporates must use discussion boards in their training programmes:

Higher Retention

Higher RetentionThere are several crucial things to think about before you teach online. Online trainers are constantly looking for ways to boost retention. With group discussions, each employee gets involved in the process. They transform from passive learners into active participants. When trainees get involved, they can quickly absorb new information. Since this is a hands-on approach, they will likely retain the knowledge longer.

Better Managers

Online discussion boards encourage managers and teammates to converse with each other regularly. When corporates use discussion boards in training, they foster a sense of cooperation. Managers communicate with their teams and build a good rapport with them. These relationships help them lead their teams to greater heights.

Bridges Knowledge Gaps Quickly

Bridges Knowledge Gaps QuicklyWhile completing online training programmes, employees can use discussion boards to ask questions. If they don’t know how to complete a task, they can ask their peers and superiors. Other employees can pass the knowledge along via the same discussion board. With quick response times, corporates can seamlessly fill most knowledge gaps.

An Inclusive Learning Culture

Corporates who spend time training their employees can build a culture of learning. Employees understand the value of their training and constantly seek new opportunities to grow. With the help of discussion boards, trainees who shy away from speaking in public can find their voice and connect with others.

If you want to create engaging online training programmes, you can register with TG Campus. Our platform has a robust discussion board that both trainers and trainees can access. Educators can use the discussion boards to start debates or answer any doubts. Additionally, the platform has a robust testing and analytics tool. With the help of this information, trainers can create mind maps for their trainees. These mind maps can enhance the learner’s online experience. We have a fully-functional whiteboard that educators can use during live sessions. In online training scenarios, educators can engage with learners in multiple ways. With TG Campus, enhancing the quality of online training programmes is easy.

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