Why is Online Education Gaining Popularity In India?

Online education or e-learning has been challenging norms of the traditional educational setup. It doesn’t even stop there, it has also managed to garner appreciation and love from the students who are able to achieve much more with online learning. There are many reasons why a whole generation of students and tutors are turning towards e-learning. Have a look at some such reasons below:


With more than 31 per cent of the whole population in India connected to the Internet, the number comes to a whopping 409 million internet users in the country. Not just that, with the rising number of users in India, the world has its eyes on India. It is one of the most promising hotspots for educational players, to begin with, their e-learning ventures here!


India is undoubtedly a huge market of smartphones. With an expected 470 million smartphone users by 2021, smartphones in India have become the most lucrative media to reach out to students who really want to learn.


The worst enemy of every person who wants to pursue education is time. E-learning eliminates this problem completely. You can go ahead with your daily routine or work, school and everything & yet learn at your own comfortable time. Pursuing a course in online allows maintaining a balance in life.

Quality Education

Not everyone in India is able to get a quality education. In some areas, students are not even able to get the proper education. Online learning makes it possible for knowledge to reach to all the corners of the country with ease. There is no disparity between what is taught in the metropolitans and the remote towns in India. It is all same across the country, making education more fruitful for the students.

Instant Evaluation

Quick tests, quicker evaluation and quickest of insights on educational weaknesses. This not only saves time but will also help the students to prepare for the exams more effectively.

Study Material

Who didn’t dread carrying those heavy bags to school? Who hasn’t almost lost it when the notes provided by the professor filled up most of the space in your room? And arranging the whole mess was the worst! E-learning promises less of the hard-copy mess and more ease with the online educational study material. The weight of the study materials that troubled you all the time vanishes with just a click on the mouse.


The courses that are offered online cut down on a lot of costs. No travel woes, no impromptu snack times, additional expenses that are usually seen in the traditional educational setup.

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