Online Learning Trends Educators Can Rely On

Online educators work very hard to create interactive courses. They spend time getting to know their students. They use their understanding of learner temperaments to create customised classes. By doing this, they can leave a lasting impact and enhance knowledge retention. To further engage with learners, most teachers rely on online learning trends. They incorporate various trends into their classes. Some trends fade, but others have stood the test of time. Let’s look at some online trends educators can use to engage with their students.

Online Learning Trends Educators Can Rely On

Augmented Reality (AR)

In today’s digital world, online educators must embrace new technology. Ever since AR arrived on the scene, it has transformed online learning. Educators can use AR to achieve true interactivity in online learning. Teachers can add elements of AR to their courses to boost engagement. The addition of AR serves two purposes. Firstly, it encourages learners to interact with their environment. AR classes also improve cognitive achievement. It’s safe to say that this online trend is here to stay!

Digital Textbooks

Digital TextbookMany older online courses needed students to purchase physical textbooks. Given the globalisation of online learning, this is starting to change. Learners now want study material that they can get online but still refer to offline. Online educators now need to provide digital textbooks that students can access on the go. With asynchronous learning, education can happen anywhere. Learners can choose how, when and where they want to learn. So, digital textbooks are the need of the hour.


The human attention span continues to decline. In 2000, it was 12 seconds. Today, it stands at 8 seconds, which is shorter than that of a goldfish! Online educators struggle to keep their learners engaged. Microlearning allows teachers to circumvent this attention problem. Instead of hour-long lessons, microlearning teaches a single concept in under 10 minutes. Also known as bite-sized learning, this trend has been around for a few years already.

Learning Analytics

AnalyticsMost online educators strive to create personalised online courses. And, learning analytics can help them achieve their goal. Several online platforms use analytics to assess how learners interact with the material. Educators rely on the analysis to decide how to refurbish their learning resources. They can also create classes that students enjoy based on the findings. Some platforms use analytics to assess student performance. They provide almost instant reports of learner performance. Both educators and students can use this information to their benefit.

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