What NEET Candidates Should Know Before Opting to Self-Study

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) every year. Candidates who want to pursue a medical profession must attempt the exam. Their scores decide their admission status at various medical colleges across India. Most students start preparing for the NEET before completing their Class 12 examinations. While many opt for coaching classes, some students prefer to study alone. If you’re thinking about self-study, here’s some crucial information you must keep in mind.

Q: Is it possible to self-study for NEET?

A: Yes, you can opt to self-study for NEET 2021. If you do, you may have to put in more effort to understand the subject matter. When you have any doubts, finding somebody to clear them might become difficult.

Q: What is the NEET paper pattern?

A: The NEET exam tests your knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics. You can expect 90 questions on biology and 45 each on chemistry and physics. You can score a total of 720 on the NEET as each correct answer is worth four marks. A wrong answer results in a negative mark.

Q: What is the NEET syllabus?

What is NEET syllabusA: The NTA provides a complete syllabus every year for the NEET. While preparing, you should focus on the following topics:
Biology – basics of biotechnology, cell biology, ecology and environment, genetics, morphology, physiology of plants and animals, and reproduction
Chemistry – chemical bonding, coordination chemistry, general organic chemistry, mole concept, and the periodic table
Physics – mechanics, nuclear physics, optics, and thermodynamics

Q: How can I start to self-study for NEET?

A: Start your preparation by creating a study timetable. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the portion and focus on weaker subjects. You must follow the schedule diligently if you want to ace the exam.

Q: Should I complete previous question papers?

A: While appearing for competitive entrance exams like NEET and JEE, students must revise by looking at papers from previous years. These papers help you become familiar with the exam pattern. They also provide some insight into which topics are most important.

Q: How can mock papers help me prepare for NEET 2021?

A: Every aspiring doctor must complete mock papers before the NEET. By doing this, you can test your knowledge and time yourself. You can recreate the exam environment and check where you need to improve before the paper.

Q: Can I use any online tools to help me prepare for NEET?

Online ToolsA: Yes. Many online learning platforms offer self-study NEET courses. If you do not want any coaching, you can opt for TG Campus’ NEET self-study course. On signing up, you gain access to recorded lectures by our expert educators. We also provide class notes, mind maps, expert videos and genius study material. If you need to clear your doubts, you can use our discussion forum to chat with other NEET applicants. We administer several assessments, allowing you to check your knowledge at regular intervals. Our platform also provides analytics after each test. You can use this information to understand where you need to focus your attention. With TG Campus, self-studying for NEET is easy!

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