Preparing for JEE Advanced? 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Every year, aspiring engineers attempt the JEE Main examination. Those who secure high marks can attempt the JEE Advanced exam for a seat in one of India’s IITs. Most aspirants spend years on their JEE Advanced preparation. They sign up for JEE online courses and complete practice tests in the hope of acing the entrance exam. But, many JEE Advanced candidates make common mistakes that could cause them to fumble at the last hurdle. Here’s a look at five mistakes students must avoid while preparing for the JEE Advanced exam.

JEE Advanced Preparation Mistakes Students Must Avoid

Not Clearing Doubts

All students will have doubts as they prepare for the exam. Some will get them cleared, while others ignore them. If you do not clear your doubts, you could get more confused as you continue your JEE Advanced preparation. Try and solve the doubt yourself first. If you cannot figure it out, check the many online resources available. You can even get in touch with your tutor or teacher to ask for assistance. By clearing your doubts, you gain a better understanding of the subject matter.

Selective Study

Selective StudyMost students study selectively. They focus on chapters or topics that they are familiar with and ignore others. Unfortunately, this practice makes it harder for students to work on their weaknesses. So instead of focusing on what they are good at, IIT aspirants must give each topic equal importance. By doing this, they gain familiarity with every subject.

Not Analysing Their Performance

Students often fail to analyse their performance. Candidates study, revise, and assume they have the knowledge required to clear the exams. When it comes to competitive entrance exams like JEE Advanced, performance is everything. So, students must join online mock test series for IIT JEE. After completing a few tests, they can analyse their scores. By doing this, they can identify the subjects where they need to study or revise some more.

Not Revising

Not RevisingRevision is a crucial part of JEE preparation. Students must take the time to revise the entire portion in the weeks leading up to the exam. If they fail to do so, they miss a final opportunity to check their mistakes or brush up on their weaknesses.

Ignoring Their Health

While studying for competitive exams, some students stay up all night or don’t eat properly. Before the JEE Advanced, candidates must pay attention to their physical and mental health. They should take breaks to exercise, eat and sleep properly. If they attempt the exam without eating or sleeping well, they could lose focus during the paper.

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