How to Identify and Support Struggling Students in Online Courses

Until recently, most people who signed up for online courses preferred learning remotely. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, everybody had to shift online. Unfortunately, some educators and learners struggled with the sudden change. Teachers had to change the format of their lessons. And students found it hard to connect with the subject matter. While dealing with several learners, educators may not notice when students struggle to cope. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s how teachers can spot and support students who struggle with their online courses.

How to Identify and Support Students Struggling with Online Courses


Educators who want to achieve true interactivity in online learning must use every form of communication available. Many students send their teachers e-mails. So, educators should check their inbox every day and reply as soon as possible. If the same learner reaches out multiple times, they are likely struggling with certain concepts. Ideally, the educator should set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss their struggles. During regular live classes, teachers must encourage students to participate. They can ask students to keep their cameras and microphones active to boost engagement. If anybody has questions, the teacher can answer them quickly.

Check Participation

Check ParticipationMany educators can quickly track attendance and student participation in online courses. Most platforms allow teachers to check discussion groups or see how often a learner visits the course page. If a student is visibly inactive for a long time, the educator should contact them. Ask if they require help or if they need assistance. When teachers reach out, learners feel like they can open up and be honest about their difficulties.

Gather Information

Sometimes, educators struggle to find ways to connect with students. To deal with this, they must master their online learning platform. A quick tutorial will help teachers learn about the multiple communication channels available. They can pick which method to use for each learner based on their personal preferences. By learning a bit more about the online learning system, educators can connect with struggling students and help them.

Check Data Trends

Check Data TrendsMost people believe that online courses cannot accurately measure learning. Sadly, this is a common online learning myth. When teachers sign up with TG Campus, they can use our robust testing and analytics software. Educators can use the information to check whether students are doing better in each subsequent test. Additionally, they receive information about areas where learners need additional support. With this data, they can offer help to their students when they need it most.

If you’d like to create engaging online courses, you can sign up on TG Campus. Our platform offers everything required to support learners who struggle with certain concepts. We offer multiple communication channels, ensuring you can reach out to students in whatever way works best for them. Our testing features allow you to test learner performance at regular intervals. We also provide analytics that identifies problem areas for each student. With this information, you can identify and support struggling learners with ease.

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