Tips and Tricks to Solve IIT JEE Problems

Cracking the IIT JEE is no mean task…and most students do not make it through. However, grabbing a seat in one of the IITs is almost every engineering aspirant’s dream. And if you think that it is an uphill task, you are right. But if you think a seat in the IIT is unattainable, think again. It is quite possible for any aspiring engineer to do that by applying smart strategies while preparing for the exam. Here, we tell you tricks to apply to your IIT JEE preparation that will help you bag a seat at the institute.

Understand the concept

When it comes to IIT exam preparation, get your concepts clear and strengthen them. Remember, JEE tests your basics, and having your concepts in place will help you in garnering high marks. Hence, be very thorough with them, make summary sheets, and revise your concepts and formulas frequently. Also, do refer to a couple of good books besides the NCERT and understand how they tackle concepts.

Understand problem-solving methods

IIT JEE exam preparation

The questions asked in JEE are descriptive and also tricky. Thus, it is important to understand the question before solving a problem. First, you must know what is being asked and what is given. When you are sure of that, you must think of the formulas you will use to solve the question. Now, be very sure of that and attempt to solve the question. You can even try figuring out the formula virtually before attempting the question.

Spend less time on each question

After applying all the steps mentioned in the above point, if you are still unsure about attempting a particular question, skip it. Avoid spending too much time on that question as it will delay answering other questions, in turn impacting your performance. For e.g., if you allow yourself about two minutes to solve a problem, skip it if you take about 45 seconds. Try to solve it in even lesser time to save time. You will need a lot of practice for this though.

Revisit the questions left halfway

Now you have left some questions halfway, mainly as they were taking longer to solve than you anticipated. Or, you were unsure about the formula for that particular problem. Tackle these questions once you are through with the paper. In all probability, you will be able to solve them now. Always try to solve the paper in 2-3 rounds. Marking the questions, you left out halfway will help when you need to review them. This is very important during your IIT JEE exam preparation.

Solve the questions in record time

Right method to solve IIT JEE problems

This may seem similar to the point we made earlier, but it is not. We tell you how. When you practice with previous years’ question papers or sample papers, try to solve the problems in a short time. For this, you must know all the formulas in all the subjects well. Try catching hints of the chapter or topic from which the questions are asked, and the options are given. Also, think of a different method or a shortcut to tackle the same problem. You will be able to solve the question in a minute with these tricks instead of about 5 minutes.

Assess your performance

It is important to evaluate your own performance and do a critical analysis of it. Maintain a rough notebook about what you need to revise. Keep a record of the time you take to solve a question. Also, mark a new problem-solving technique you may have used. Jot down what was right and what went wrong when you attempted that question. Besides, make a note of the mistakes you made while solving the questions. Another tip is to detect unnecessary calculations so that you can avoid these the next time.
Now we have shown you ways to approach a problem in a prudent and smart manner while preparing for your IIT JEE. All of the above tips will also help you avoid negative markings in the exam. Besides, along with the above strategies, it is important to build up your concentration, presence of mind, and determination. Do follow our tips and tricks, and you are sure to ace this competitive exam.

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