8 Tips to Self-study for NEET Aspirants

NEET, the national level entrance exam conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) is one of the most popular ones. Approximately 17 Lakh students take this exam each year, vying with each to fill in about 1.5 lakh seats across India.This makes this exam a highly competitive one as well. Students put in a lot of effort and spend hours studying for it, and many choose to engage in self-study. If you are planning to do the same then you have to do it right. You can pick from the various self-study courses for NEET too. Here, we take you through some smart strategies if you are studying on your own for this exam.

Devise a solid study planself-study for NEET 2023

Your first step must be to devise a good and solid study schedule if you wish to prepare on our own. After crafting one, be sure to stick to it diligently. This timetable will give you an idea about your plan of action going forward. You can use this plan to form your study strategy till your exam nears.

Formulate a strategy

Next, you need to craft a strategy as to how you are going to go about studying. This is very important when you are engaging in self-study for NEET 2023. Therefore, set targets and goals while making sure that these are realistic and achievable. These must act as confidence boosters and not a dampeners.

Get familiar with the exam pattern

It is very important to know the exam structure, much as it is important to be thorough with the syllabus. Remember, this is an objective question-based exam, and you must be well-acquainted with the format, important concepts, important chapters/topics, marking scheme, and such critical aspects.

Know your study materialonline NEET self-study course

You will hardly accomplish anything by merely putting in long hours of study. Hence, knowing your study books is important. Stick to the NCERT study material and treat it like the Holy Bible. You must master this study material and then move on to any other course material you wish to.

Be clear about concepts

Always aim to understand topics while studying and avoid rote learning. Get absolute concept clarity, as this is very crucial while studying. Seek the help and guidance of your tutors and even seniors. Check out a NEET self-study course and get onto forums there for any assistance.

Focus on solving MCQs

It is very imperative that you focus on multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Solve at least 150-200 questions each day and refer to your study material and previous years’ question papers for the same. Put together the last 20 years’ papers available topic and chapter-wise to practise MCQs.

Take mock tests

This is perhaps one of the most important self-study tips. Mock tests help you self-assess, and you will know your prep level. They also help you spot your weak and strong areas so you can strengthen the weak ones. Mocks also build your confidence about your preparation and the exam in general.

Make handwritten notes

Another crucial tip is to make notes while studying. Ensure that they are clear and concise, and make short briefs in your own writing. Use mnemonics, highlight important concepts and topics or label them, and more. Doing this will elevate your learning process, making it easier and simpler.

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When engaging in self-study for NEET, the above-mentioned tips will certainly help you in many ways. As a small bonus, below are some benefits of a strong prep plan when studying on our own.

  • Helps you form a comprehensive strategy
  • Gives you direction to meet your goal
  • Helps you organise your thought flow
  • Aids in boosting your efficiency and productivity
  • Finally, it helps you garner a high score

In the end, it is really your dedication and perseverance that will eventually get you there. And, of course, periodic breaks, enough sleep, and nutritious meals are important too. However, following what we mentioned here will certainly amp up your NEET preparation, especially if you’re planning on self-study. Therefore, adhere to these to have an edge over the competition.

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