JEE Mock Tests – Tips and Tricks to Secure Top Scores

The JEE being a highly competitive and challenging qualifying exam, calls for more than the completion of the syllabus. As we know, it is not only about clearing the exam but securing a high score. Merely passing it is never the goal of engineering aspirants. They always want to excel and reach the top rankers. Therefore, taking mock tests is imperative as it prepares you for the exam in every way. It is by far the best test series for JEE you can take to hone your exam-answering skills. Here’s how taking mock tests boosts your exam prep.

Get familiar with the exam patternFamiliar with JEE exam pattern

You obviously know the curriculum very well. However, it is also very imperative to know the exam pattern. You must be aware of the number of questions, the topics that carry weightage, the marking scheme, the various ways in which a question can be asked, and more. Mocks give you an insight into all of this. You will also learn about the number of analytical, theoretical, and numerical questions that are asked in the exam.

Self-assess your performance

Taking these tests will help you evaluate your level of preparation and performance. You will learn about your weak and strong areas and focus on strengthening the weak ones. You will also be able to understand concepts that you may have misunderstood. Also, taking IIT mock tests is particularly helpful in understanding how prepared you are for the exam. Besides, mocks will help you to avoid any mistakes in the exam.

You get better at time managementTime management for JEE preparation

You have only three hours to complete the paper, and there is a strategy you must employ to meet this. Taking mocks will certainly help you in managing your time well. This way, you will develop your problem-solving skills and learn about your ability to answer a question in a limited time. Taking mocks will also enhance your speed and accuracy in answering each question. This way, you also learn about the right answer to a question and the way it has to be presented.

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You learn to eliminate mistakes

Making mistakes is human…and when you take any online JEE mock test, you can learn about these. Then, you can work on fixing these mistakes and form a strategy to tackle them smartly. Therefore, you only get better at answering the questions as you keep improving your performance. You learn where you lack in your exam preparation and also learn about new tricks to adopt as well. Taking these tests will also give you practise more about the different types of questions being asked.

Your confidence gets a major boost

The JEE is a difficult exam, and the competition is high. Hence, it can be daunting for many who take it, and many go through anxiety and stress. However, mock tests are based on the actual exam pattern, and taking these will boost your confidence tremendously. Also, you will be getting a lot of practise about the actual exam and pattern through mocks. Thus, it will automatically cut down or eliminate your nervousness, stress and anxiety altogether about the exam.

Taking the JEE online test series works like a shot in the arm for all those who are preparing for this exam. While solving past year’s JEE Mains papers is helpful, the more mocks you take, the better prepared you get for the exam. Therefore, take as many mocks as possible and perfect your exam strategy and preparation.

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