Boost Student Engagement with the Right Feedback

Online teachers have to create a course that every kind of student can enjoy. Educators must give their students a competitive advantage and keep their learners engaged. While boosting student engagement, educators must be careful about what they say. The correct feedback will encourage learners to engage with the course more. If teachers give the wrong kind of feedback, they could end up losing their students. If you’re looking to boost engagement, here’s our guide to the types of feedback you should provide.

The Right Feedback for Boosting Student Engagement

1. Appreciation

When you appreciate your learners, it opens the feedback door. You can start by thanking them for submitting their work or sharing an idea with the class. When students receive positive feedback at the outset, they feel respected. Students who feel valued are more likely to engage with you and any other feedback you provide.

2. Say Back

This type of feedback involves educators repeating what learners have told them. You don’t have to repeat the statement word-for-word. The idea here is to let your learner know you’ve heard and understood them. You can do this is by saying you agree or disagree and then summarising their comment. This type of feedback serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows students to correct you if you’ve misunderstood. And, more importantly, it also shows your students that you’re listening.

3. Ask Questions

Questions aren’t just to check a learner’s understanding of the subject matter. You can use questions while providing feedback as well. The most basic question you can ask is a clarification question. Ask your learner why they did something a particular way or what they meant by using a specific phrase. You can also ask questions to help your students think about their work differently. Asking a question like ‘Why don’t you try exploring…’ can go a long way in boosting student engagement.

4. Share Personal Experiences

A shared experience will help you connect with your learners. If you share a personal experience that students can relate to, they’re likely to respect you more. It also gives your feedback more weight. Students will believe what you tell them as they know you’ve already walked a mile in their shoes. You can give your students examples from your own life where implementing feedback has helped you overcome obstacles.

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Written by Today's Geniuses
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