Considering a Career in Medicine? Here’s What You Need to Know

Becoming a doctor can be difficult. After years of working hard and writing numerous competitive exams, you finally earn yourself the title of ‘Doctor’. The arduous coursework and long studying hours can be rough initially. Despite these challenges, it’s a dream for many students to see themselves in a white coat, saving lives. Before you take your first step towards a medical career, read everything important about the medical field. Here are a few things that you should know about entrance exam preparation:

Preparation is key:

As published on the official site of NEET-UG, nearly two lakh students took the test in 2019. The number has increased by 14.4%. Looking at the competition, only an excellent preparation regime can fetch you a high rank. Enrolling into a two-year NEET course or a crash course may help you score well in the exam.

The Entrance Tests:

To get admission into the top medical colleges, every aspirant needs to clear the medical entrance exams. Most colleges accept the scores obtained in a single exam. In order to apply for a medical seat in-state colleges, you need to write their entry tests. These are a few of the medical entrance exams held across the country.

    • NEET Exam
    • The AIIMS MBBS Exam
    • AIPMT (All India pre-medical test)

How you should apply:

For all entrance tests, including national level exams like NEET, apply online on their website. You can find the details of an exam by visiting their official site. The date of the exam and the procedure to apply are also updated on the site. Certain newspapers and magazines also intimate students about these exams.

List of Courses:

After the announcement of the results, an All India Rank (AIR) is released. You can then apply to different medical colleges and courses based on this rank. If you wish to get admission in the top colleges, then try to secure a good score in the entrance test.

To get a medical degree, you can apply to the following medical courses after 12th.

    • B.B.S. 5.5 years
    • D.S. 4 years
    • H.M.S. 5.5 years
    • A.M.S. 5.5 years

Skills required:

Work on your interpersonal and communication skills and strengthen them. This will help you interact with your batch mates, seniors, and patients.

Try new learning habits:

There is too much material to study in very little time. Your previous study methods might not help you now. The solution is to find a smart way to get through things. Even though every student has his or her own way of learning, group studies and getting help from seniors might be of great help.

The first year is the toughest:

Since you’d be new to the curriculum and methods, things will seem rough initially. It would be the right time to find ways to adapt. The second and third year will give you in-depth knowledge about your subjects. The final year will keep you busy with a project.

Discard any myths related to medical exam preparations and put in your best efforts to get admission in a top college. Keep yourself updated and prepare well for the entrances.

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