Effective Teaching Strategies for Tutors

Teaching and imparting knowledge may seem interesting and fun. But, educators from all walks of life do face challenges. They have to constantly keep inventing new teaching strategies or adapt old ones to new ways of learning. Plus, they have to ensure that these strategies cater to all, as every student has different abilities when it comes to learning. Here, we cite some teaching skills that educators can adopt and implement to make their teaching more effective.

Cooperative learning helps

Simply put, cooperative learning is working together in a group to complete a task. In this method, students with different abilities have to come together to finish an activity. They have to rely on each other to get the task done. Therefore, they maximise one another’s potential and also learn to take responsibility for completing the task. Besides, they learn to cooperate with one another, helping them develop teamwork skills.

Online teachingOnline teaching

This mode of learning has become the norm and is here to stay. It is a great way to keep students engaged through interactive games. This gives students a sense of fulfilment while enriching the learning experience. The teacher can create resources online to communicate with students, hold audio or video classes online, make presentations, worksheets, etc. Online learning functions like a digital board for teaching to impart knowledge.

Visualisation techniques

This teaching method means what it states. Forming images in your mind’s eye, which is based on what students hear or read. This technique encourages them to concentrate on the subject or topic itself. By visualising, students can bring concepts to life at the same time make connections with the real world. Educators can use video and audio clips, photos, charts, diagrams, etc., to enhance learning in students. This technique also helps visual learners understand concepts better.

Experiential learningExperiential learning

This strategy is self-explanatory and means learning by doing. Tutors engage students in hands-on activities, so they connect with theories in a better way. This method helps develop critical analysis, reflect, and helps to take initiatives and decisions. It also encourages creativity and engages students intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically as well. It helps them learn from their mistakes and natural consequences. Thus, it helps in preparing for the future.

Student-centred learning

This method naturally focusses on the students. Here, students are encouraged to actively participate by way of discussions with teachers and fellow classmates. Open communication is encouraged through this method, where students explore ideas, shares thoughts and ideas, and ask questions. This strategy generates curiosity in students and develops research skills, co-relation and reflection on information they have heard.

Teaching techniques have changed over time, and today educators have to adopt new ways to impart knowledge digitally. There are several ways how tutors can transfer their course online while implementing other methods as well.

Written by Today's Geniuses
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