Here’s How Tutors can Transfer their Course Online

The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. The virus, which originated in China, has now claimed several lives forcing the government to announce a complete lockdown. This has restricted students from continuing their education as all the schools and universities have shut down.

However, this is not the end of learning. Thanks to technology, many educational organisations have shifted from in-person to online learning. Teachers around the world have developed a strategy for teaching remotely that gives their students a chance to continue their education until the lockdown is over.

As a teacher, if you are planning to do the same, here are a few steps you should take into account:

Invite student engagement and feedback

The best online instructors encourage tutors to engage with their students and ask them to demonstrate what they have just learned. This will keep the students alert and interested in the topic at hand. Tutors must also encourage students to offer their feedback. This will allow the teachers to improve the course and make sure the students are following.

Transfer course online

Promote inclusivity

Teachers must rework on their online courses to take up less bandwidth. This is important as there may be students who have a weaker online connection, who may end up feeling lost and not included. So to promote inclusivity, don’t rely only on live conferencing alone.

Identify and support struggling students

Experts suggest that it is important to not bring the “sink or swim” approach to online learning. Therefore, tutors must make sure to check on every student. Ask them if they have adequate Wi-Fi and other devices, and how they feel about the transition from the classroom to online. They can also send messages or emails to check in on them.

Impart clear rules of interaction

Before starting your course online, make sure to address all the concerning issues to ensure every student is respectful. Let them know in advance the objective and outcomes of the course. Clarify if the sessions will be recorded, let them know the dress code and when and why to use the mute function.

Be concise and engaging

You may have a lot of content to get through but try and limit every class to 45 minutes. Longer sessions will make the students restless and fail to keep them engaged. In order to ensure students remain motivated, it is best to keep lectures concise. However, if you can’t shorten some lectures, make sure to take multiple breaks in between.

The present conversion to online is rapid and temporary. However, it may have a lasting impact on the way education and learning are delivered in the future. Many experts even believe that there are several reasons why online courses are the future of education.

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Written by Today's Geniuses
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