Online Learning Etiquette Students Must Know

Online learning has gained a lot of popularity in the last year. Most studies say that online learning provides students with a competitive advantage. When individuals choose to learn online, they can move at their own pace. But, there are a few things that learners must keep in mind as well. Students should be aware of how they’re interacting with their educators and peers at all times. To ensure that online platforms are safe for everybody, we have come up with a guide on online learning etiquette.

Important Online Learning Etiquette for Learners

1. Keep Your Tone Academic

Online classes may seem informal as opposed to actual classrooms. But that doesn’t mean you should become casual with your educator or peers. You must maintain an academic tone at all times. Be professional while sending emails, working on assignments and posting on discussion boards. It’s a good idea to avoid using sarcasm in any form. The misinterpretation of sarcastic remarks could lead to a lot of negativity.

2. Be a Good Listener

If you expect others to listen to you, you must return the favour. When a classmate is speaking, you should pay attention. Your classmate or peer may have a similar query to you. If you don’t listen, you may end up asking the same question and wasting everybody’s time. When you listen to your peers, you could also learn some new information.

3. Be Brief and Clear

When you’re interacting with others online, you need to be as brief and accurate as possible. If you write long, winding passages, your message may get lost. Keep your sentences short and clear to explain everything effectively. Cut out all unnecessary words. Stick to the facts and make sure that all the information you want to discuss is present.

4. Respect Others

When you’re learning online, you must remember to be as polite as you would in person. You should respect all your peers, even if you disagree with their opinions. Always remember to validate their thoughts first. Acknowledge that their point of view is valid before sharing your opinion. You must remember to disagree with the statement and not with the person.

5. Check Your Grammar

Discussion boards and chatrooms are important features of every ideal online course. These mediums allow you to interact with your teachers and your peers. Before you post something on a discussion board, you must check your grammar and spelling. It’s an educational platform, so you should keep everything clean and clear. Spelling mistakes or grammar errors could confuse others. You can use several online tools to check your spelling and grammar before you post on online learning forums.

If you choose to learn with TG Campus, you can rest assured that everybody will follow online learning etiquette. We always strive to make the platform a safe space for everybody. We also follow the latest cyber hygiene practices for safe online learning. With TG Campus, online learning is fun, safe and enjoyable!

Written by Today's Geniuses
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