The Online Student’s Guide to Exams

Many students today prefer online education over traditional learning. They enjoy gaining knowledge and picking up crucial internet safety tips at their convenience. Despite the popularity of online education, some learners still struggle with online exams. Students do not know what they should expect from online exams and fail to prepare adequately. Here’s our online student’s guide to exams to help you get ready for any upcoming tests:

Online Student’s Guide to Exams

Preparing Before the Exam

In the months and weeks leading up to the exam, you need to:

Check the Exam Guidelines and Format

Check the Exam Guidelines and FormatYour educator will provide a list of guidelines for the exam. They will outline the date and time of your test and the duration. Make notes and get in touch with your educator if you have any doubts. Learn as much as possible about the paper format. Will you have to answer multiple-choice questions or long-format essay questions? Ask your teacher for a sample paper to help you clear these doubts.

Get Your Device Ready

You must attempt your exam online. Ensure you have a device, such as a laptop, tablet or mobile, that has good connectivity. If you need to download any special software or platform, do so in advance. Ensure that you have a dedicated space to attempt the test without distractions.


You must prepare to the best of your ability. Make notes and write down important details that you need to remember. Writing helps you remember things in the future. Understand what kind of learner you are and use study methods that suit your needs. The idea of the exam is to test your understanding of the material.

Plan Your Time

Plan Your TimeOnce you think you’re ready, attempt as many practice tests as possible. Ensure you time yourself to mimic exam conditions. If you find certain sections more difficult than others, plan your time. Decide how much time you will allot to each section before moving on.

During the Exam

The time has come to test your knowledge. During the exam, you must:

Check the Time

Once you start the exam, keep an eye on the clock. Stick to your planned time limits to avoid missing questions. Set a timer to avoid going over your planned limit.

Stay on the Test Page

While answering exams online, you must be careful. Never leave the browser page for any reason. You could lose all your answers or may have to restart the entire exam.

Stay Calm

Stay CalmYou may feel nervous during your exam. Try to stay calm so that you can answer each question. If you face a technical problem and lose connectivity, avoid panicking. Reach out to your educator immediately to let them know what has happened. They will guide you on the next steps.

Check Your Answers

If you have enough time, review your answers before submitting your exam. Once you complete the paper, you cannot make any changes.

After the Exam

After completing the exam, you can check your answers to assess your score. Keep an eye on announcements from your educator and check your grade as soon as possible. Consider ways you can improve your performance in the future.

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