Tips to Ace the JEE Main Exam

With the JEE Main 2023 approaching soon, students have started investing more time in their preparation. Working carefully and adhering to a successful plan of action is prudent. Without question, it’s one of the hardest tests to pass, but with the appropriate JEE Main exam tips, you can ace it.

JEE Main is a difficult exam to pass. Sometimes students spend months or even years studying for it. Everyone has unique strategies and methods of preparation for the exam.

Here are some tips and techniques to help you prepare for the JEE Main. Especially if you’re one of those people experiencing extreme pressure owing to running out of time for preparation.

Planning ahead and performing better on the exam both require knowledge of the exam format.

JEE Main Exam PatternJEE Main online classes

The JEE Main test is an objective-style exam (MCQs with four options). Here, selecting the appropriate answer or option is crucial because doing otherwise will result in a negative marking.

There are 3 papers

  • BE/B.Tech
  • B.Arc
  • B.Planning

Candidates will receive 4 marks for each valid question answered, with 1 mark deducted for each incorrect answer. If any of the questions are not attempted, there is no penalty. There are no negative markings for not attempted questions.

Now that we have done a quick review of the exam paper pattern, here are some tips that you can adopt when preparing for JEE.

Follow NCERT books

Start with the NCERT texts, which serve as JEE’s foundation. Be aware that NCERT books form the basis of 60–70% of the paper. A crucial component of JEE preparation is referring to good quality materials. After finishing these books, start referring to other materials for practise.

Choose the Right Reference material

Reference books consist of easy to difficult application-based queries along with important topics. Some JEE online coaching sites offer study notes, mind maps, and other resources written by knowledgeable teachers.

Learn Online

The internet has made learning online easy and quick. You can access live classes, recorded lectures for review, doubt-clearing sessions, and test series for JEE 2023 by using your computer or phone to explore various websites or online institutes. These will boost your understanding and help you with concept clarity. JEE Self-Study courses are a great way to get that extra practise, you need to ace JEE Mains.

Solve JEE Previous years’ question papers

It’s crucial to practice solving JEE Main previous years’ questions. This allows you to get a sense of the question paper format and the scoring system. This also helps boost your problem-solving ability. Question papers, along with their answers from past years, are usually available at all coaching institutes.

Mock Tests

You can increase your confidence and approach the exam without tension if you attempt practise tests. Make sure to finish the test within the supposed time limit. You can do this to enhance your ability to solve and manage your time. Examine yourself after each practise test. Finding your weaknesses in this way will help you do better in the future. It also boosts memorisation needed to prepare for subjects like Maths in JEE. By enrolling in online JEE coaching sessions, you can practice JEE Main mock tests.

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Make short notes for revisionMake short notes for JEE revision

Making short chapter-wise notes is highly advised as it allows you to revise on the go. This ought to include formulas, definitions and a summary of essential chapters. These notes are perfect for quick on-the-go revisions. You can review these notes and memorise key concepts and formulas.

The key to passing the JEE Main on your first attempt is constant practice and following a realistic timeline. Make your unique plan using these tips.

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