Top Medical Courses without NEET that Carve a Rewarding Career

If you are a student of science branch, you understand many aspire to take up medicine as their career. However, NEET is a highly competitive exam as it is popular. And, each year, it only gets more competitive with its rising demand. However, do you know that there are several options in the field of medicine without taking the NEET? Since the country’s health and medical sector has expanded exponentially over the past few years, there are several options available. Here, we touch up on the top 10 medical courses without NEET that you can consider after your Class 12 Science.


Medical courses without NEET - BiotechnologyAs the name suggests, this stream covers a large area of Biology. You can pursue an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology, which studies biological systems and living organisms in detail. This branch also involves studying advanced technology that deals with these two areas. As a Biotechnologist, you have umpteen opportunities in medical and health services, biomedical engineering, cell biology, immunology, and others. Basically, Biotechnology focuses on improving our lives by clubbing the study of technology and Biology. Hence, you can be a Data Analyst, Quality Control Analyst, Medical Coder, Research Analyst, and Research Scientist. You can also take up a career as a Microbiologist, Biochemist, Laboratory Technician, Biochemistry, Food Technology, and many others. There are options galore for a Biotechnologist in the private and government sectors.


Medical course after 12th without NEET - AnesthesiologyNow we all are aware of what an anesthesiologist does. They are the backbone of medical professionals as they assist in administering anaesthesia to patients during surgical procedures. You can pursue an undergraduate degree in the course and study how to administer this drug through injections or even inhalation. This drug leads to loss of sensation and consciousness; hence, it is a very delicate branch to study and pursue. Thus, an anesthesiologist helps ease the process of surgeries for doctors and surgeons. You will gain a fundamental understanding of surgery and medicine but will be proficient in pharmacology, physiology and other aspects of highly technical surgeries that are associated with vital organs. As an Anesthesiologist, you also gain knowledge of the respiratory and circulatory systems and existent airways, and how to navigate through them. You also learn the various methods of resuscitation in the event of any collapse or organ failure.


Best medical course after 12th - PsychologyThis is a very popular and the best medical course after 12th without NEET that you can pursue. Psychology is a branch of study that is focused on helping people cope with emotional or mental health problems effectively. Basically, Psychology is all about enhancing human beings’ quality of life. Thus, therapy, tests and psychoanalysis are the methods used by psychologists in this process. Also, there are several specialisations in this field, such as Pure Psychology, Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and others. A graduate degree in Psychology means studying, analysing and understanding the behaviors, emotions, and attitudes of humans. As a psychologist, you can work as an Industrial Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Experimental Psychologist, and there are many more options. You can join hospitals, schools, and clinics, or even have your own practice.


 Medical courses without NEET - PhysiotherapyAnother most sought-after branch of study without giving NEET is physiotherapy. Simply put, this field involves treating patients to restore an individual’s mobility and maintain it. Hence, it includes studying the afflicted individual’s range of movements. Thereafter, based on it, a physiotherapist plans their therapy. Thus, physiotherapy includes detecting the cause of patients’ problems and focusing on rehabilitating them. It involves learning to deal with the body’s physical movements and devise a cure for a patient’s disorders. The methods used by physiotherapists are heat, mechanical pressure, electricity, and mechanical forces. As a Physiotherapist, you can explore a career in Special Schools, Health and Fitness Clinics, Rehabilitation Centres, Nursing homes, and Hospitals, or even have your own independent practice.

Occupational Therapy

Medical courses without NEET - Occupational TherapyThis is another field that is gaining immense popularity as it deals with the sensory, physical, or cognitive problems of individuals. Occupational therapy applies methods to resolve these issues. Also, therapists identify and determine the barriers that affect an individual’s physical, emotional, and social needs. Thus, as an Occupational Therapist, you will be involved in enhancing and improving the lives of individuals. You will rehabilitate them to function smoothly to carry out daily tasks. Therefore, individuals with a disability or limited physical movement are given therapy to lead a regular and normal life. The therapy involves functional training, exercises, ergonomic training, the use of aiding devices, adaptation to the environment, and restriction. Occupational Therapists work with children, the elderly, and even some young and differently abled individuals. As an Occupational Therapist, you can work at hospitals, schools and educational institutes, nursing homes, and outpatient clinics.


 Medical options after 12th without NEET - NursingAn undergraduate degree in Nursing is a very popular one and one of the best medical courses after 12th without NEET. Also, as the nature of healthcare is evolving, it is only gaining prominence. This largely involves taking care of patients who are suffering from any mental or physical illness. It includes assisting medical professionals in every way. Thus, as a nurse, you will learn how to set up an operation theatre, maintain the various devices and equipment used by the doctors, maintain records, and administer timely medications to patients. Nurses are an important and integral part of the entire healthcare sector, and along with medical assistance, it is also a type of social work. As a qualified nurse, you can be a nursing assistant, a staff nurse, a nursing educator, and even work as a critical care unit nurse.

Cardiology/ Cardiac Technology

Without NEET medical courses - Cardiology/ Cardiac TechnologyAn undergraduate degree in Cardiology or Cardiac Technology is a specialisation in Medicine. This branch acquaints you with various heart-related issues and treatments for them. After acquiring the qualification, you can assist health professionals during cardiovascular testing. Thus, it involves the diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular conditions such as blood vessels. It also involves preparing patients for open heart surgeries and implantation surgeries of a pacemaker. You will also be well-trained to handle different types of equipment that are used in cardiovascular technology. It includes caring for those suffering from heart ailments and learning and applying basic life support skills. As a cardiac Technologist, you can join a hospital, a nursing home, a clinic, or a rehabilitation centre, among others.

Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

Medical course list without NEET - Naturopathy and Yogic SciencesWith the fast-evolving lifestyle of modern times, which is largely imbalanced, natural therapies are gaining precedence over others. Therefore, a degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences is gaining popularity. It is one of the best options without NEET medical courses that are based on holistic medicine and yogic practises. Naturopathy involves a range of alternative medicine practises, and yoga is the ancient art of exercise that keeps your mind, body and spirit balanced and healthy. The treatments in naturopathy are mainly drugless such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, manipulation therapy, reflexology, and others. Yogic exercises, as are commonly known, involve everything about human physiology. The two are combined to keep an individual healthy and active. As a naturopath and yoga professional, you can join hospital, speciality clinic, fitness centre, private organisation, researcher, yoga tutor, and others.

Nutrition and Dietetics

List of medical courses without NEET - Nutrition and DieteticsNutrition is what keeps humans strong and healthy from within. And, with the current stress on nutrition and diet thanks to faulty contemporary eating habits, this field is gaining momentum. Hence a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics is very popular. It does involve recommendations in diet and nutrition and research in dietary needs, medical needs, and human biosciences. This field tackles a complete and holistic understanding and research in biochemistry, diseases, epidemiology, physiology, and other fields. As a nutritionist, you advise individuals on their food and health choices after understanding their specific health conditions, such as allergies. As a dietician, you draw up food charts and manage patient’s eating habits. There are a host of industries you can work in, such as sports, food technology, the public health sector, NGOs, and even private organisations, among others.

Respiratory Therapy

Medical course options without NEET - Respiratory TherapyAnother stream that you can look at after your Class 12 Science that does not require you to take the NEET is Respiratory Therapy. A very popular branch of allied health sciences, it involves those with respiratory or cardiopulmonary disorders and their treatment. It includes all aspects of the respiratory system of humans and the ailments associated with it. As a Respiratory Therapist, you have to assist medical professionals in assessing issues related to respiration. You have to help with their diagnosis and apply different therapies and administer medicines accordingly. It involves patients with disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and even caring for patients in the ICU with respiratory and breathing issues. As a Respiratory Therapist, you can join hospitals, clinics, private or public hospitals and even NGOs and academic institutes.

The above is a medical course list without NEET that you can choose from if you do not wish to take the entrance exam. As medicine and technology are evolving continuously, there are many options available today. Also, these are high-salary courses after 12th Science without NEET that you can consider if you are still unsure. Only, we advise you to follow your interest and passion always.

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