10 Smart Steps on How to Achieve Your IIT Dream

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is a prestigious and challenging exam. Also, the IIT JEE is a lot more challenging and competitive. But, each year, lakhs of students vie for a seat at one of the IITs. So, what is it about these institutions that make many students aspire to secure admission to the institute? What does it take to be a part of this highly acclaimed institute? If you too are one of those chasing the IIT dream, read on as this one’s for you.

What is required to be in IIT? 

The Indian Institute of Technology, or the IITs, the most prestigious and foremost technical institute, are always in demand among students of engineering. Firstly, let’s understand what qualifications are needed to acquire a seat at one of the IITs.

  • You must be a PCM student in your Class 12
  • You must clear your JEE Mains, the qualifying exam for JEE Advanced
  • To be shortlisted for JEE Advanced, you must get excellent results at the JEE Mains
  • Then you appear for your JEE Advanced, which is the entrance exam for IIT.
  • Next, you must obtain an All-India Rank (AIR) to qualify to apply for IIT.
  • Lastly, you must participate in the Joint Seat Allocation Authority common process, which you can only if you have an AIR.

Now that we’ve covered the requirement to be eligible for IIT, let us see what it takes to be an IIT student.

Be thorough with the syllabus

Firstly, you must know and be thorough with the syllabus of IIT Advanced. When you are aware of the syllabus, you will also learn about the important topics, the pattern of the exam, the marking scheme, and other such crucial information. Knowing this will help you boost and bolster your preparation. Additionally, it will lay the groundwork for creating your study plan.

Craft a solid study schedule

This is the most important aspect of JEE Advanced. Create a subject/topic-wise timetable and allot enough time for each one. Also, make sure to allot time for revision and revise what you’ve studied every 10 days. Keep increasing the gap between your revisions. Doing this will help you understand how much and how well you retain a particular subject/topic.

Get hold of the right books

Ensure that you pick the right study material. Many reference books are available but stick to only a few popular ones. Plus, always give the utmost importance to the NCERT study material. It covers the entire syllabus and is concise and easy to understand as well. Also, be sure to complete all the exercises in these books, which will give you loads of practice.

Make notes while studying

Making small notes while studying is known to help greatly in comprehension, retention, and recall. Plus, these notes are very useful while revising the subject/topic. Therefore, mention key points and highlight them so that it becomes easy during your revision session. It is always easy to read short, concise snippets instead of going through long text passages.

Focus on understanding concepts

IIT Preparation tips - Focus on understanding concepts

Concepts are a big part of the JEE and, more so, the JEE Advanced. Therefore, it is best to understand concepts and learn them instead of memorizing them. When you aim to comprehend concepts, you will also find it easy to apply them to problems. This will help in developing your problem-solving and analytical skills. Therefore, focus on comprehension over rote learning.

Devise your own learning techniques

Only you know yourself best, and so, you craft your own methods. This will help greatly in your practice sessions while helping you grasp concepts as well. Therefore, use mind maps, diagrams, charts, and even audio notes in your learning techniques. Noting down all the formulae on separate sheets for each subject is also a good way to enhance our study.

Take mocks and solve past years’ papers

Taking mocks, solving previous years’ papers and sample papers is a great way to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and the level of your prep. So, you can work on your weak areas and fortify your preparation. It also acquaints you with the entire paper pattern and gives you a feel of the actual exam. It will increase your speed and accuracy and boost your overall confidence about taking the exam.

Revision is the basis of all

Now, this we do not have to mention, but we must. Because the more you revise, the more you solve questions, the more you take the tests, the better equipped you will be for the exam. This is the time when your own notes will come in handy. Also, when you solve papers and take mocks, it helps you revise what you’ve learnt. Therefore, revise on a weekly basis to perfect your learnings.

Join a coaching institute

Enroll in a coaching class to aid your preparation. It is best to join an online coaching for IIT JEE as you can save on travel time. Also, enrolling in a class will get you the required guidance and mentoring. Besides, you can get your doubts cleared by the faculty. TG Campus has some excellent online courses and self-study programmed for JEE Advanced with expert faculty.

Manage your time wisely

IIT Preparation tips - Manage your time wisely

Time management is critical when it comes to preparing for an exam like the JEE Advanced. Therefore, focus on managing your time well. Stick to your study schedule and set aside some time for some leisure activities to refresh your mind and body. Be sincere, diligent, and consistent in everything that you do and balance your studies with your other activities.

What we mentioned here will surely aid in achieving your IIT dream. However, everything depends solely on you. But getting guidance from an expert does help and taking a good online course works best. TG Campus offers one of the best coaching for IIT JEE online with its excellent faculty, class notes, tests, assessments, and other features. Aiming for IIT JEE is a big ambition, but it can be attained with laser-sharp focus and unwavering dedication.

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