Benefits of Taking Breaks While Studying

Long hours of study can be taxing to the mind and even the body. Taking short periodic breaks is essential during your study sessions. If you are wondering, why we need to do that and how do these breaks benefit, simply read on. Here, we not only cite their benefits but also study break ideas for you to begin with.

What are these breaks?

Let’s start by defining study breaks. Firstly, study breaks give your brain the time it needs to process the information you have fed it for hours. It has been found that only a few students break their study sessions. The others who do, take very very short ones. Taking breaks during your study time is an integral and important aspect of the learning process. Since everyone’s brain is wired differently, some students can put in long hours of study at a stretch. While some need very short breaks during the entire 6-7 or whatever number of hours they study. Now let’s see the benefits of taking breaks.

Boosts memory

A short break of about 10 minutes helps in learning, thus boosting your memory. Remember, the brain’s capacity is limited when it comes to receiving information. After reaching its limit, your brain will assume that whatever you have learnt is not important. Hence, taking a short power nap after studying helps rejuvenate the brain cells, thus enhancing your memory power.

Increases productivity

Benefits of taking breaks – Increase productivityWhen you study for long hours, it’s natural that your brain feels drained out. You feel mentally exhausted, and your brain gives you a signal when it is enough. Taking a break will, in a way, reboot your mind making it more productive. Your retention will be better, and hence, your recall of what you studied will get a boost.

Boosts learning

When your mind is refreshed, your attention span goes up. Therefore, you are able to learn faster. Your mind is rested, hence revitalised, and this makes it easy to retain what you learn. A rested brain always functions at its optimum, and memorising information too becomes easier. Remember that just like your body, your mind too needs to rest after a workout. So, rest it!

Builds confidence

Believe it or not, taking a break in your study session actually ups your confidence. You may wonder how…we tell you. When you study for long hours, your brain goes into overdrive, and relating the concepts you have studied becomes tough. When your brain is well-rested, it organises these learnt concepts well, bringing clarity and consequently boosting your confidence.

Relaxes mind

Benefits of taking breaks – Relaxes mind

Have you heard of the term ‘monkey mind’? If yes, you know what it means. If not, here’s what it is. Your mind jumps from one thought to another after strenuous and long study hours. This is especially true when your exam date nears. Taking a break relaxes it, and with a refreshed mind, you store more information, concentrate better, and your brain functions to the maximum.

Now here are some activities you can do in these short breaks:

  • Take a power nap of about 10-15 minutes to refresh your mind
  • Go for a short walk in our locality
  • Change the place of your study periodically
  • If using the computer, pull your eyes away from the screen
  • Meditate and/or do breathing exercises
  • Do some focus exercises that boost concentration skills
  • Get up and do some simple physical exercises
  • Indulge in a hobby such as painting, sketching, or even dancing
  • Eat a light snack as you will feel some hunger during long hours of study

Your mind is a storehouse that can hold loads of information and pull it out from memory when required. However, it is very important to rest it and give it a proper break from studies. The breaks have to be short and timed well during your long hours of study. When you do this, you will see the difference it makes in your performance.

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