6 Time Management Tips to Help You Prepare for the JEE Main Exam

Time…that all precious resource is also an expensive one. You cannot save it or store it…once lost, it’s lost forever. There’s no turning back time…and that’s why it’s important to make the most of every second you get. And, when it comes to any competitive exam, time is a crucial factor in your preparation. Most times, juggling your regular classes along with your preparation for the other test is difficult. For an exam such as the JEE, it gets tougher. However, you must keep up with all your classes. Managing time prudently is the key to being exam ready. Supplemented with proper and effective JEE online coaching, you can sail through the exam. Read on to know some effective time management tips to aid your preparation.

Be aware of your abilities

This is imperative to your preparation as each one of us is different. Hence, know your ability and capacity to grasp something. Your calibre determines how much of the syllabus you will cover in a certain time-period. For instance, someone may take 3 months, someone else may need a year, and you may need 6 months. Once you have a fair idea of the time you will take to complete the curriculum, it will get easy to create a schedule.

Draft a good study plan

The next step is to draft an effective and elaborate study plan to aid your preparation. Be sure to allot time to all subjects equally. However, you must focus on your strengths and weaknesses and give yourself more time to work on your weak areas. Besides this, you must also allot time for other tasks such as meals, relaxation, fitness, and time with family and friends. Breaks are important as well, and this schedule will help you make judicious use of your time.

Know your syllabus thoroughly

Now you will be preparing for the JEE while still in school and college. Hence, you will have similar topics in both curriculums. Being thorough in the JEE syllabus as well as the school/college one will help you save time in learning topics and preparing them. If you aren’t aware of the syllabus, then you may have to relearn these. Knowing both curriculums will help in coordinated learning as, in case of any similarities in topics, you can prepare accordingly.

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List out the important topics

Look up past years’ question papers and make a list of the important topics. Joining online classes for IIT JEE will give you easy access to these papers as well as expert guidance. Once you make this list, review it daily, and be sure to work on the ones you have jotted down first. Also, ensure to keep this list in a spot where it is easily visible…always. This will help you to remember the topics to focus on as well as manage your time well, thus helping you achieve your goal.

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Revise and learn togetherRevision with JEE notes

Yes, do these two tasks simultaneously…i.e., once you learn a concept or topic, revise it after a few days. This practice builds on your retention and recall. You need not revise the entire topic or concept. You can make short revision notes to make it quicker. Besides, you can even refer to some video lectures and/or solve sample papers to revise what you’ve learnt. This strategy will save you precious time in your preparation.

Solve sample papers and take mocksSolve JEE sample papers and take JEE mock tests

Solving sample papers and taking as many mocks as possible will help you perfect your overall writing speed. These will also help you assess your preparation. You will understand what you are weak at and thus work on those areas more. This way, you can strengthen your weak concepts or topics and perform well in future exams. Enrolling in any good online JEE coaching will give you access to these tests and sample papers.

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Besides the above key points, there are others too that will help you in managing your time well in your preparation journey:

  • Pick the right study material from an authentic source and stick to it
  • Identify your best productive learning time and utilise it to study the difficult topics
  • Keep one day aside for doubt-clearing and approach your tutors at the earliest for the same
  • While studying, take small breaks of 10 minutes every two hours to stay fresh and rejuvenated
  • Get enough sleep of about 7-8 hours, and avoid burning the midnight oil
  • Indulge in whichever fitness activity you like to destress and stay energised
  • Eat good, nutritious food to stay healthy and boost your physical and mental abilities

JEE Main is a very popular qualifying exam for entry into top-notch engineering colleges. There are thousands of aspirants who take it each year, and this makes it a highly competitive one. Time management is crucial while preparing for it, and joining a good JEE main online coaching class will give a boost to your preparation. Therefore, make every minute count and chalk out a strategic time plan to ace the exam and achieve your dream.

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